Apr 6, 2017

Review -- Lumberjack Love

Lumberjack Love
Author: J.L. Beck
Release Date: February 4 2017
Publisher: Self Published
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 149
Format: ebook

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Jackson is rough, ornery, and on most days the last person you would want to be around. He's a lumberjack in the backwoods of Georgia and he knows more than anyone that when a gorgeous woman shows up on your property uninvited it ain't fate.

Not knowing what to make of the situation, and wanting no part in the beautiful woman's drama he tells her she needs to leave and that he ain't no saving grace but a rough countryman.

When she refuses to take no for an answer he knows he's gonna have to take matters into his own hands and get her to leave himself but one touch is all it takes to have him weak in the knees.

Lola ain't going back down the road to where her ex-boyfriend dropped her off. Not if she can help it. Jackson doesn't want to help her but she can tell it's just a front he's putting up and that he's actually attracted to her. If she can get him to take her in and protect her then she knows everything will be okay.

Will things between the brute of a lumberjack and the sassy-refuses-to-take-no for an answer heroine work out or will her past come back to haunt her?

My Review:
Jackson is a tough lumberjack that lives out in the woods by himself...just the way he likes it. He doesn't know what to think when Lola comes walking down his driveway, which happens to be in the middle of no where. When you think fate has arrived at your doorstep, what do you do?

This was such a sweet story. Yes, there are plenty of sex scenes, but it wasn't your typical unemotional sex scene. They seems more about the love and emotion that was there than anything else. It was a nice thing to read. I was able to read it sitting right next to my boyfriend and not feel uncomfortable.

I really liked Jackson. He seemed like such a sweetheart that closed himself off from the world. I don't blame him. I would love to live out in the middle of no where and be left alone. He tries to show himself as a badass with no emotions but you can tell that just isn't true. He has such a wonderful heart and it made me love reading about him or reading his side when we were blessed with it.

Lola isn't the typical female character. Yes, she is running from something but she isn't entirely helpless. She is a woman with a rough past that is trying to sort it all out. She spends time in confusion and pain and not sure if she should let someone else in, though her heart is telling her she should. I loved reading her raw emotions and feeling her as a character. I felt her fear as she had it and I also felt her moments of happiness, too.

I am in the middle of a move right now and I still took the time to sit down and read this. I was so excited to get my hands on it and knew I had to devour it right away. The author doesn't disappoint with her romantic happily ever after stories. I was able to get a moment of relaxation and feelings of happiness within my stressful life and it was just what I needed. I know this book can definitely put a smile on anyone's face no matter how your life is going. Pick yourself up a copy and be ready to not get up until you get to the last page!

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