Jan 22, 2017

Stay in Bed Sunday #6

This is a new weekly meme that I have created and I am so happy to start it up! It is called Stay in Bed Sunday, as I am sure you can tell from the banner above!

How it works: Take a picture of or tell us what you want to stay in bed and read that day. Most of us get to be lazy on Sundays and have wonderful reading days, so I figured what could be better than sharing what we are reading with each other! You can also add pictures of your book in the setting of where you will be reading or anything else related you might want to add. If you make your own post, be sure to put your link below for others to find! 

Now without further ado, Here is my choice for this week!


Me Tarzan -- You Jane
by Camelia Miron Skiba

I started this last night but since I am 2 weeks into a migraine my reading has been slow. With that said I am really really enjoying this so far! I plan to take me some migraine meds make me a nice hot cut of tea and devour as much as I can! It's also raining and nasty outside so it is the perfect day to curl up and read!
What are you all Staying in bed with today?
Post me your links below!


  1. I didn't do anything this Sunday so nothing to report really. Maybe next week!

    1. Sometimes you need those type of Sundays! I have my days that I sit and just play App games on my ipad and don't do a single thing!!


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