Jan 9, 2017

Review -- Swords and Stilettos

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25168166Swords and Stilettos
Author: Kristin D. Van Risseghem
Release Date: December 7, 2016
Publisher: Kasian Publishing LLC
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 290
Format: ebook
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Zoe Jabril needs to devise a kick-ass plan to save the world ASAP. Otherwise, Armageddon starts the day she turns eighteen—and if that happens, everything is going to hell. Literally.

She could be any other 17-year-old attending parties and checking out cute guys—except she discovers her best friend is a Guardian Angel and the boy she crushes on is a Nephilim, both sent to protect her from the demons who want her dead.

Now Zoe has to deal with growing feelings toward the Nephilim, who spreads a strange electrical current through her body every time he touches her. And she’s under constant attack from Demons, trying to stop her from fulfilling the Prophecy: a girl will be born who will unite Angels, Nephilim, Fairies and Werewolves to battle evil. Then she has to control newly found talents if she’s to prevent the devil from escaping Hell.

My Review:
The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover, I mean seriously look at it! It's friggin' gorgeous! It made me have to look into the book a little more to see what it was about. I thought the book sounded really good and worth giving a shot. Heck, if I see the word Fairy I will usually read it. I was not let down.
This book was a nice treat. My boyfriend ended up sick as I was trying to read it and I felt bad because I was trying to take care of him, but I wanted to get back to the book and see what happened next.
The book is heavy with romance. I have to admit at times it became a little much but I still enjoyed it. I just wanted to find out more about Zoe and what was going on in the world but it kept going back to the romance. That doesn't mean it wasn't a great book because it was.
Zoe is a very head strong character who seems to be a little selfish at times. That is most teenage girls though and I get where she is coming from. The author made her a real and believable character. It was nice to be able to read a book where the character wasn't meant to be perfect. I was able to watch her start to blossom throughout the book and I know she is going to end up being a force to be reckoned with. 
Kieran and Shay are also wonderful characters. I feel sorry for Kieran. He goes through so much and does so much for Zoe and he is kind of pushed to the side once Shay shows up. I would have liked to get to know him a little better throughout the book. I did get tidbits as I read along though! As for Shay he seems like a wonderful young man that deserves so much. I want to hug him and Kieran equally.

Sidelle I think might be my favorite character of the whole book though. One, she is a fairy, so I guess I am kinda biased, but oh well. I loved how she was portrayed and the things she was able to do. She was down to earth and seemed to have more of a conscience than most fairies you read about. And with what you learn through the book, I think this is something unique to her. I would love to have her as a friend in my life!

As you go between the school and Zoe's house you are able to get more into the story since the environment stays consistent. You get more time to pick apart the rest of the things going on since you aren't having to try to picture them being at different places all the time. 
The suspense is there throughout the whole book and keeps you flipping through each page. It engages you and keeps you sucked in, not able to put the book down. Even with a sick boyfriend, I had to keep reading. The author does a great job balancing out the slow parts and the action scenes.

I do think some of the dialogue between the characters seemed just too strained. I felt like it didn't feel natural and I had a little trouble trying to get into those scenes. She doesn't do this often and I understand it is a debut book of hers. I am sure she gets better as she writes through the rest of the series. I will definitely be picking up the next book to find out more about Zoe and what happens!

     The three of us walked out to his car, and dad surprised me with how cordial he was around Shay. Not the overprotective father I’d expected at all.
     “When did you buy it?” Dad asked. “All the parts still original?”
     “Mostly,” Shay replied, avoiding his first question. “I changed out the stereo to a CD/iPod player.”
     Dad seemed to agree. “I would, too. Do you drive it to car shows? I don’t think I’ve seen this one at any of them around here.” He glanced up from the car, looking sheepish. “I can’t get the women to go with me when one’s in town, so I usually go alone.”
     “There’s one coming up next weekend at the Minneapolis Convention Center,” Shay said. “Wanna go with me?”
     Oh Shay, you’ll have my dad wrapped around your finger in no time. Dad glanced at me with hopeful eyes. I couldn’t deny him this.
     “I think you should,” I told him.
     Now that he had my permission, Dad walked around the Bel Air, not touching it, but examining it under a microscope. Looking up from the wheels he asked, “What made you pick this model and not some other one?”
     “It was between her and a 1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible with suicide doors.” He shrugged. “I got a better deal on this.”
     “A ‘62 Lincoln. That’s a pretty sweet car, but I’d have to agree. This is better.” He shook Shay’s hand again. “Good choice. Very good choice.” They stood side by side, staring at the car, and I had to work on not laughing.
     “I’ll leave you two alone now,” I said with a grin, then turned back to the house. Just before I reached the front door, I glanced back, still amazed at my dad’s behavior. If I hadn’t turned around, I would have missed it. Dad had leaned over to whisper something in Shay’s ear. Shay nodded and said something back. I was dying to know what they were talking about. Then again, they were probably just talking cars.
     By the time I made it to the front door, Shay had jogged up to stand beside me. “Your dad is way cool!”
     “You’re saying that to butter him up.”
     “No, he is. Kieran says so, too.”
     “What did he whisper to you at the end?” I asked.
     He smiled gently and brushed his fingers over my cheek, tucking back my hair. “He told me to treat you better than I care for the car. He said a car can be replaced, and you can’t be.”
     Now that was nice to hear. “And you said?”
     “I promised I’d protect you with my life.”

About the Author

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Kristin D. Van Risseghem
USA Today bestselling and Award-Winning, Kristin D. Van Risseghem grew up in a small town along the Mississippi River with her parents and older sister. Currently, Kristin lives in Minnesota with her husband and two Calico cats. She also loves attending book clubs, going shopping, and hanging out with friends. She has come to realize that she absolutely has an addiction to purses and shoes. They are her weakness and probably has way too many of both.

In the summer months, Kristin can usually be found lounging on her boat, drinking an ice cold something. Being an avid reader of YA and Women's Literature stories, she still finds time to read a ton of books in-between writing. And in the winter months, her main goal is to stay warm from the Minnesota cold!

Kristin’s books are published by Kasian Publishing LLC.


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