Jan 16, 2017

Review -- It's You Book 2

It's You (Book #2)
Author: Katy Regnery
Release Date: January 17, 2017
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 258
Format: ebook, received in exchange for an honest review



To some, they’re just words signifying a fairytale ending.
For me, Jack Beauloup, they represent an unyielding desire:
Forever with Darcy Turner, the unexpected love of my life.
A love that has placed her human life in danger.

According to Pack Law, my binding is an abomination that must be severed.
It’s ignited a fiery hatred that I must confront and control.

But what is bound cannot be broken.
I will keep Darcy safe.
Even if it means giving up on my dreams.
Even if it means giving up my life.

My Review:
Once I finished book 1, I knew I had to jump on book 2 right away. I HAD to know what happened. She left you with a cliffhanger that makes you wanna scream until you get get your hands on the second book. I tried to tell myself that everything would be okay since there was a book 2, but you can't always let that be how you decide things.

This book was amazing. I started it right before I was out of town for the weekend to visit my family. I have to say I felt awful because I love my family but all I wanted to do was go sit down somewhere alone and read my book. The first thing I did when I was able to get home was pick up the book and start reading. I finished the book in one day and couldn't stop until it was finished. I even clicked back a few chapters and started it again at the ending to get more!

I love Jack. I really don't know how to explain how much I love him. As I said in my review for the first book, I can't get attracted to him physically. He just isn't my type, though I understand to most he is. I think I am one of the only girls on the planet that aren't attracted to big muscles. With that said, I can say I was attracted to him emotionally. He was such a wonderful character and he never ceased to amaze me in all that he would do for Darcy. His pure dedication and love can make anyone love him. He cared so much for Darcy yet you were able to tell he was still himself despite it all. He is a character that will stay in my heart forever.

Darcy....She has blossomed so much in this book in many different ways. At times I wanted to smack her in the face and tell her to open her eyes truly to what she was seeing. I understand people get scared at things that they feel were myths, but seriously, it's not so bad! She does use her brain to fully look at everything, but in the end her heart steers her the way she needs to go. I love watching and reading from her point of view and getting to see things exactly how she sees and feels it. She also has such a great heart and personality and I enjoyed watching her turn into the person she was meant to be. She is one of the only female characters that doesn't drive me up a wall.

This book is still mainly at Jack's place of residence as well as some time is spent up in Quebec. I loved being able to picture it all in my head. Canada is definitely on my bucket list of places to go and possibly places to live so of course I loved reading about it. It made the book so much more concrete and believable. The forest has eerie feelings to it and the author does a wonderful job of sucking you in and realizing not everything is at it seems.

I hope all of you go out and grab this duology right and devour it. You won't be sorry!

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