Jan 1, 2017

New Year Resolutions/Goals for 2017!


Welcome to 2017 all of my followers! I'm so glad to have you all in this new year! I know we can make it fantastic!!
I've been thinking about this post for the past month and what I want to put on it. I decided I would do a small personal list as well as a blogger list! I have so many things that I want to do this year, but I have to try to pace it so I don't make myself wanna give up!

Blogging Resolutions/Goals
  • Comment back - I'm very bad with not commenting on other blogs as well as not replying to the comments I get on my own blog. It just is a huge time suck and I would rather be reading. With that said, you all are the reason I am here so I need to reach out to you more!
  •  Use Twitter more - I use twitter from time to time but I find no one ever replies to anything I say. I know we all have a huge amount of people we are following so I know we can all get hidden within the feeds. I need to start putting more up there so you guys can get more of my stuff! I plan to have some fun stuff to put up on there (can't tell you anymore, it's a surprise)
  • More Giveaways - I know you all love giveaways. I have two going on my blog right now but none of them have books with them. They are swag and Harry Potter merch. I am going to try to start buying a book each month to have as a prize each month for you all to win!
  • More Vlogs - I haven't made a vlog in a while. I hate the way I look on camera as well as the way I sound. I also don't really know how to edit the videos so I tend to have to do anything in one take. I am going to try to learn how to actual do a good edit and get content posted. I don't want to become a full booktuber but it would be nice to do some videos here or there :)
  • Reach 1k Followers - I've been in the 600 range for a couple years now. Granted I had to back away from blogging when my brother died, the stress was just too much. I am now back full time and ready to get my blog spectacular again!

Personal and Reading Resolutions/Goals
  • Learn to Speak French - There are a lot of languages I want to learn but the one I am starting off with is French. I have always been drawn to this country and even spend hours in the section at Epcot in Disney World that is for France. I eat all the food and act like a creeper so I can listen to them speak. I want to be able to go in there next January and speak to them back!
  • Read Less Review Books - I have a bad problem of seeing so many review books that sound amazing and signing up for them. I end up smothered in them and not able to read anything but them for months. I plan to cut way back on the books I bring in for review so I can start working on my unread books on my bookshelves and in my kindle. I of course will still sign up for review books, but only ones that I truly can't live with myself if I don't read them.
  • Read 100 Books - I only read 49 books last year and that was half of what I normally read. Because of my brother dying though it was just too hard to read or really do anything. I have gotten past that hurdle now and plan to go into reading full force this year.
  • Find more Vegetarian Recipes - I have recently went vegetarian. It was a personal choice for me and I am the only one in my family that is. It has caused it to be hard if I ever go to see them because they seem to be afraid to cook something that I might not eat. I try to tell them I can bring my own food but they always refuse and stress out over it instead. I want to be able to find good recipes to bring to get them all to see cooking food with no meat isn't as hard as they think.
  • Start Running Again - This one might not be possible but I'm gonna try. I was hurt really bad 10 years ago while playing soccer. My left knee got really messed up and I still have issues with it. I am hoping to put on my brace and try to run on it a little bit here or there. If it hurts too much then I will of course give up on this one, but I want to at least say I tried.
  • Cut out people that bring me down - This one will be tough and probably cause a lot of crying but I need to do it. I have kept people in my life because I felt it was the right thing to do, that includes family. I've gotten to the point where I see I am the black sheep of the family and don't really fit in. Other members of my family are praised as I am pretty much ignored. I used to put up with it because it was family, but now I feel like no matter who it is, if they are toxic I don't need them in my life. I have been battling severe depression since my brother passed away and I am really trying to fix and find myself again. 
  • Work on and finish my scrapbooks - I have 3 scrapbooks I need to do for my family that are to be of pictures of my brother. I haven't had the emotional strength to complete them but I am going to make sure before the end of the year I will have them all completed.
  • Read outside more - I tend to stay inside and be a recluse when I read but nature is such a wonderful thing. I want to try to start finding trails or going to parks to enjoy some time outside and read. There will be a time when we won't be able to do this anymore, so I should go for it while I can!
  • Edit and publish my book - I wrote a book back in 2015 but right after I finished it my brother passed away. There was a character in the book that was based off of him and our relationship growing up. I wasn't able to go back to it since. I can't let the book and his memory waste so I will be going through the final processes to get it out into the world.
  • Get my Etsy Bookmarks selling - I opened an Etsy shop for handmade bookmarks. I thought it was a good idea and spent a bit of money buying the supplies to make them. I have only sold 2 orders so far so I haven't had much income back. I normally wouldn't care, but I quit my job in order to fix my depression and spent the last little bit of money I had in order to fund this thinking it would turn a profit to help pay for food. I am going to spend this year hopefully getting it off the ground!
  • Find a fulfilling job - I was in a toxic job that took everything I did for granted. I started to have panic attacks on the way to work. I knew I couldn't keep going that way. My boyfriend told me I needed to quit and that he would support us as long as needed for me to find myself again. I worked in a pain management clinic and one thing I loved about it but also had my heart broken from was the elderly. So many of them didn't have anyone in there lives anymore. They were in their 70 and 80s and still had no family there with them. They couldn't even get pain injections to help them because they had no one to drive them home. It broke my heart. I want to be able to take care of one or a few of them so they can get the help they need. I want to find a nice lady or man to sit and talk with and drive anywhere they need to go. They have services out there that I can get employed by and be able to do just that and bring home a little money for bills. I figured if I go back to work, it needs to be worth something!


For now that is all I can think of though I am sure I missed something!

What are your New Year Goals and Resolutions?

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