Jan 23, 2017

Discussion Post -- Book to Movie Adaptation

So I've been noticing a lot of book to movie adaptations coming out recently, or I can even say here book to TV series adaptations. I haven't started any of the TV series ones because I am scared they are going to ruin the books and then it will be a longer experience of anger and disappointment.

There are so many movies that have came out that come from books that are just awful. They keep a little bit of the book, mainly the names of the characters, then they destroy the rest of the book. I feel like they should be keeping it as close to the book as possible since that is what we fell in love with in the first place.

I love the Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Hunger Games movies but even those I know they changed and left stuff out but they are some of the closest adaptations I have watched.

Two movies I can think of for sure that I hated and wanted to leave the theater was City of Bones (I mean seriously, WTF was that) and American Sniper. American Sniper was good if you haven't read the book, but for anyone who has you will know they ruined it, too. For it to be based off someone's life and experiences who is no longer with us, they really did screw it up and to me it was disrespectful. I know I have others but my brain doesn't want to work right now!

Sometimes I wish I could just be the director in order to make sure the movie is made the way it should be, but sadly I doubt they would let little ol' me from a tiny town on Florida help out. Heck authors don't even come anywhere close to where I live for book signings.

So....What do you all think about Book to Movie adaptations? What are your worst and favorite ones?


  1. I feel like every reader dreads and lives to see their favorite book made into film be it on the big screen or the small one. I feel like the Harry Potter movies were probably the best adaptations that I ever saw. Yes, they changed things and I had a nice long rant with my friend after we saw the fourth movie, though she was upset too, I think I was more vocal about it! LOL!

    Though I think one of the worst adaptations I ever saw was Blood & Chocolate. Nothing was right. And I mean NOTHING! Other than character names. But a small, teeny, tiny part of me, did kind of like it. But I basically had to forget it had any connection with the book. That there just so happened to be a book with the same title and like named heroine and hero. There were other names thrown into the movie to be "familiar" but they were not at all the right characters. We're talking ex-boyfriend turned into freaking cousin!! Ugh! Yeah...I have a good kind of like/passionately LOATHE relationship with that movie! LOL!

    1. What the heck! That sounds awful! I am gonna have to check out the book now though!!!

      Book adaptations tick me off yet we love our books so much we can't not go to them! I may be mad after or pleased enough with it like Harry Potter and Hunger Games but I always have to go!!!!

  2. Q&A was a good book but when it became Slumdog Millionaire I thought it was dreadful. I loved The Other Boleyn Girl and both film versions are awful! Favourites are Harry Potter, LOTR, Everest, Hunger Games, The Godfather.

    1. I haven't watched LOTR yet because (please don't kill me) I haven't read them yet. I refuse to watch the movies until I read the books!! I will definitely not watch The other Boleyn Girl! Thanks for the warning!!


Comments are loved and appreciated :) Thanks in advance!!