Jan 2, 2016

Review -- Paradise

Author: Pamela Srey
Release Date: April 1st, 2015
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 371
Format: Ebook, Given from author in exchange for an honest review

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After leaving behind all the good and the bad things of Philadelphia, Bianca Grey has found herself starting a new school and a new job in a brand new tropical place. She went from a lifetime without many friends, to quickly meeting new people and building relationships. With so much to learn and explore, Bianca has her heart set on finding her birth mother, but will she ever find her with so many road blocks that are keeping her from doing so? With all the new relationships being formed, will any of them help her forget the one thing from her past that she desperately misses?

Join Bianca in her journey through love, friendship, and a mysterious past in the second installment of The Bianca Grey Series.

My Review:
It is always a great feeling to get to continue on with characters that you learned to love. I was so happy to be able to continue on with Bianca and all the new people she meets on the way.

This book starts right where the first one left off, with Pete and Bianca in Hawaii. Pete leaves shortly after to go to college himself, so you get Bianca the first big chunk of the book. You get to watch Bianca experience a culture that she didn't know was hers for her whole life. You can feel the wonder and amazement in her as the chapters progress.

I still really enjoyed Bianca, but I found her to be a bit selfish in this book. She had so many guys following her around, but she would go to dinner with them telling herself it wasn't a date, when clearly it was. She had some pretty funny ones and some horrific ones. I felt bad for her on one date, I don't know what I would have done. Her character was written in a way that had sparks of annoyance in it. It felt like it was written for a middle grade at times with things like "Bianca wanted that very much." "Bianca enjoyed her lunch." There just seemed to be a lot of meaningless dialogue with her that wasn't needed. There were other points of views from other characters and they weren't written that way, only Bianca. I do see her growing slowly as a person and letting her get closer to her friends that she didn't want to before.

Pete. I still love him. I can only imagine what he went through when Bianca left. You get little glimpses from him and his friends as to the amount of pain she put him through. He still loves her and does all he can to see her even if means getting a broken heart again. He writes so many songs about her that could make you cry. I am definitely hoping that Pete comes out in the end.

You also get to meet Gaby, Riley, Shawn, Cayden, and Cole. There are some other characters in there that are pretty small, but I won't name them here. These are the ones you see a lot. She has 2 friends that she made that are girls, that is Gaby and Riley. They are pretty much always together unless Riley ends up out on a date. Shawn, Cayden, and Cole are from her new job at a bookstore. I really enjoyed all the characters. They have totally different personalities, yet they all somehow fit together in Bianca's life. I like when you get to read one of their sides of the story since the book alternates between a lot of them. I know I will be seeing more of them in books to come.

I really enjoy this series. I know I will end up reading all of them because I will want to know what happens to all of them. Good or bad, I wish the best for them no matter what. I know they will all grow as people since they are all still very young and I can't wait to see which ones grow together in a relationship or not.

This book does have some sexual parts in it, but nothing too much. There is little bits here or there, but no detailed sex scenes. It would still be great for teens as well as adults.

I will now be patiently (okay, not so patiently) waiting for the next book to come out so I can get some more of this rowdy bunch!