Nov 30, 2016

Review -- Don't Call Me Kit Kat

 photo DOntCallMeKitKat_zpsmlf6e0xg.jpgDon't Call Me Kit Kat
Author: K.J. Farnham
Release Date: May 2015
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 302
Format: e-book, received from author in exchange for an honest review

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Junior high is where things really start to happen. Cliques form and break apart. Couples are made and destroyed. And a reputation is solidified that you won’t ever be able to escape. Everything you do and say, and everyone you spend your time with, matters.

Katie Mills knows that. She gets it. That’s why she tried so hard to get in with the cool girls at school. And why she was so devastated when those efforts found her detained for shoplifting and laughed out of cheer squad tryouts.

But Katie has more to worry about than just fitting in. Her parents are divorced and always fighting. Her sister never has time for her. And her friends all seem to be drifting apart. Even worse? The boy she has a crush on is dating the mean girl at school.

Everything is a mess, and Katie doesn’t feel like she has control over any of it. Certainly not over her weight, which has always topped out at slightly pudgier than normal—at least, according to her mother.

So when she happens to catch one of the popular girls throwing up in the bathroom one day, it sparks an idea. A match that quickly engulfs her life in flames.

Is there any going back once she gets started down this path?

And would she even want to if she could?

My Review:
Katie is an 8th grader in school. She goes back into school wanting to be in the popular group. She struggles to find a way in and even tries to go out for cheerleading. When she finds Amy throwing up in the bathroom one day, it is almost like something clicks in her head. A way to get skinnier. As the pages flow on, you get to witness what it is like to see someone with an eating disorder and the it isn't something that is so easy to deal with.

I got this book in exchange for an honest review from the author. This is the second book that I have read by this author and they are about as different as you can get from each other. Eating disorders are something that is hard for anyone, but to read about it from someone who is actually going through it is hard. I seem to be coming across lots of books on this subject recently.

Katie....I don't know how to say this nicely. I guess I will just be honest and say this was a character that I couldn't stand. I didn't want to be mean to the author and give up when I was a beta reader for the book so I kept reading even when I didn't want to. If I were to pick this up on my own, I would have slapped DNF on it within the first few pages. Katie is so selfish it is ridiculous. She complained through most of the book and started to hide behind her Bulimia as an excuse to the way things were now. I am still kind of angry and in a bad mood when I finished reading this book over an hour ago. I found myself grumpy the past few days trying to read it and even went to bed wanting to cry last night over it. The book has so much promise to it and so much to learn from it, but Katie just destroyed it all for me.

Eating disorders are hard, I get that. I have thought about them before myself. I get upset about my weight sometimes and get scared and get ideas in my head, but I never go through with it. Katie does and you get to follow the roller coaster that it can put you on. You get to witness that the person with the disorder isn't the only one that gets hurt along the way. Anyone that could possibly care about you, will be concerned about you and try to do anything they can to help. When they can't, they also feel helpless along the way. Her family has a hard time with her as well as her friends, though she doesn't want to see it.

I liked being able to see ways to know if someone is going through an eating disorder. You get to know about them puking in bags as well as laxatives. Anything they can do to get the food out that they stuffed into them, they pretty much do and it is awful. To know that is what others do to themselves is heartbreaking and I want to be able to help them anyway I can.

This is a good book for others to see that sometimes you don't have it as bad as you think you do. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and really look at your life from the outside. We all have hard times, it is up to us to be strong and get through it without hurting ourselves or others along the way if we are able to.

I liked the book for the qualities it could have had, but with Katie being the character she was, I don't see this being a book I will ever be able to pick up again.

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