Apr 13, 2015

Calling for Beta Readers!!

Hey guys! I am sure you have seen that I am writing a book. I am almost done with the book, I should hopefully even finish it up today. I was putting this post out there to see if anyone would be interested in beta reading it for me.

I should be sending copies out for you to read in the next couple weeks.

My book is called Opportunities. I have signed up for the Author Program on Goodreads, but I am still waiting to get an email saying that it went through. You can still search for my name and the book title to click it as To-Read.

I tried to do a small blurb about the book. I hope to re-write it to sound better, but I will still link it below for you to decide if it is something you would like.

When your world around you is crumbling apart, do you decide to let it swallow you whole or do you use it to create yourself a new opportunity?

Evynne is a senior in high school. She has a great best friend, Kaleb, is on the varsity soccer team, and is being scouted by Auburn University (her dream college).

One soccer game the worst happens and her dreams are shattered from ever happening again. She has to try to find a way to keep her low self-esteem, severe anxiety, and fear of the unknown under control. The last thing she needs is for the real her to be seen.

How do you go on living when you have nothing left in life to live for? Can she take a step back and realize her life might not be as bad as she thought and go for a dream that she never knew existed until now?
Anyone signing up, please understand that this will be a rough draft of the book. I am asking for help in finding anything that could use some changing.

If this seems like something that you would be willing to beta read, Please Click Here to fill out the form and I will get back to you within the next week.

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