Apr 30, 2015

Book Blitz -- In a World Just Right


In a World Just Right
Author: Jen Brooks
Release Date: April 28th, 2015
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Tour Host: Ya Bound Book Tours

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Imagination takes on new meaning for a uniquely talented teen in this debut novel that is a breathtaking blend of contemporary, fantasy, and romance.

Sometimes Jonathan Aubrey wishes he could just disappear. And as luck—or fate—would have it, he can. Ever since coming out of a coma as a kid, he has been able to create alternate worlds. Worlds where he is a superhero, or a ladies’ man, or simply a better version of himself. That’s the world he’s been escaping to most since sophomore year, a world where he has everything he doesn’t have in real life: friends, a place of honor on the track team, passing grades, and most importantly, Kylie Simms as his girlfriend.

But when Jonathan confuses his worlds senior year and tries to kiss the real Kylie Simms, everything unravels. The real Kylie actually notices Jonathan...and begins obsessing over him. The fantasy version of Kylie struggles to love Jonathan as she was created to do, and the consequences are disastrous. As his worlds collide, Jonathan must confront the truth of his power and figure out where he actually belongs—before he loses both Kylies forever.

This is Jonathan in school observing the real Kylie Simms after spending the night with the version of her he created in another world. It is the first time real Kylie comes on stage in the novel.
     I’m halfway up B-Hall when I see her talking to a teacher at the far end. 
     The real Kylie Simms. 
    She looks exactly like my Kylie, from her ponytail to the toes poking out of her sandals. Gorgeous. Athletic. Smart. Confident. Kind. A million other adjectives to fall in love with. She’s wearing a royal-blue T-shirt with a winged-foot logo and “Pennington Track and Field” in white. There’s a meet today, so all the track girls will be wearing them. Kylie is team captain and one of the top sprinters in the state. Her devotion to the sport is the reason I joined the track team myself in Kylie-Simms-is-my-girlfriend. 
     I try not to stare at her, but I can’t help myself. One would think that having an exact Kylie copy all to myself in another world would satisfy my craving for her, but one would be dead wrong. My curiosity knows no bounds. 
     She doesn’t spare a glance in my direction as I walk by. Not that I expect her to. Kylie Simms might be a nice girl, but she doesn’t have much reason to talk to a loner like me. As I keep going down the hall, forcing myself not to look back, I feel the small thrill of potential fading away. Whenever I see Kylie, there’s always the chance she’ll notice me, but I haven’t hit that lottery yet. 
     How would she feel to know that in another world not only does Jonathan Aubrey love her but she loves him right back? 
     It’s sick, I know. What I’ve done. But it’s all I have for happiness, and just thinking about Kylie in Kylie-Simms-is-my-girlfriend makes me realize I forgot to give her the yearbook form I picked up for her that’s due today. I look at my watch. Six minutes to first period is enough time for a quick errand . . . .
About the Author

Jen has a habit of being deeply moved by profound ideas, and her writing reflects her interest in exploring human goodness, relationships, and the feeling of being a part of something greater than oneself. She loves the science fiction and fantasy genres because of their dazzling possibilities for portraying characters and ideas. She credits her undergraduate experience at Dartmouth College, her MFA at Seton Hill University, and her fourteen years of English teaching with shaping her writing. She is grateful to her family, friends, and students for inspiring her to write.

Find Her Here: Twitter | Website | Facebook | Goodreads

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Apr 28, 2015

Book Blitz -- Life Unaware


Life Unaware
Author: Cole Gibsen
Release Date: April 28th, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Tour Host: Ya Bound Book Tours

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Regan Flay has been talking about you.

Regan Flay is on the cusp of achieving her control-freak mother's "plan" for high school success―cheerleading, student council, the Honor Society—until her life gets turned horribly, horribly upside down. Every bitchy text. Every bitchy email. Every lie, manipulation, and insult she's ever said have been printed out and taped to all the lockers in school.

Now Regan has gone from popular princess to total pariah.
The only person who even speaks to her is her former best friend's hot but socially miscreant brother, Nolan Letner. Nolan thinks he knows what Regan's going through, but whatnobody knows is that Regan isn't really Little Miss Perfect. In fact, she's barely holding it together under her mom's pressure. But the consequences of Regan's fall from grace are only just beginning. Once the chain reaction starts, no one will remain untouched...

Especially Regan Flay.

Guest Post

About the Author

Cole Gibsen first realized she different when, in high school, she was still reading comic books while the other girls were reading fashion magazines.

It was her love of superheroes that first inspired her to pick up a pen. Her favorite things to write about are ordinary girls who find themselves in extraordinary situations.

Find Her Here: Twitter | Website | Facebook | Goodreads

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Book Blitz -- Dragons are People, Too


Dragons are People, Too
Author: Sarah Nicolas
Release Date: April 28th, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Tour Host: Ya Bound Book Tours

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble |

Never judge a dragon by her human cover...

Sixteen-year-old Kitty Lung has everyone convinced she’s a normal teen—not a secret government operative, not the one charged with protecting the president’s son, and certainly not a were-dragon. The only one she trusts with the truth is her best friend—and secret crush—the über-hot Bulisani Mathe.

Then a junior operative breaks Rule Number One by changing into his dragon form in public—on Kitty’s watch—and suddenly, the world knows. About dragons. About the Draconic Intelligence Command (DIC) Kitty works for. About Kitty herself.

Now the government is hunting down and incarcerating dragons to stop a public panic, and a new shape-shifting enemy has kidnapped the president’s son. Kitty and Bulisani are the last free dragons, wanted by both their allies and their enemies. If they can’t rescue the president’s son and liberate their fellow dragons before getting caught themselves, dragons might never live free again.


Thank you so much for having me on your blog today! I have an excerpt for you. This is the beginning of my favorite scene to write! 

     “Do you hear that?” he says.
     “You mean the crashing thunder and pounding rain?”
      He shakes his head. I listen closely, trying to filter out the sounds of the storm.
     Then I hear it. A whooshing sound with a fast buzzing underneath it. It’s so, so familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it. A very definite black spot appears among the dark gray clouds. The spot lengthens horizontally.
     The puzzle pieces click into place and I get the full picture: Fighter jet. Headed straight for us. It could be a coincidence, right? F-22 Raptors fly low through giant thunderstorms over major metropolitan areas in the middle of the night all the time. Right.
     My illusions of a coincidence are shattered - by a missile flying straight at me. It would seem this guy has infrared, too. I mean, missiles? Really? Isn’t that a bit overkill? I start flying away, but Sani stops me.
About the Author

Sarah is a 30-something YA author who currently lives in Orlando, FL with a 60-lb mutt who thinks he's a chihuahua. She believes that some boys are worth trusting, all girls have power, and dragons are people too.

She's a proud member of the Gator Nation and has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, but has switched careers entirely. She now works as an Event Coordinator for a County Library and as a freelance book publicist and author's assistant. She also blogs at YAtopia and video blogs at the YA Rebels.

Find Her Here: Twitter | Website | Facebook | Goodreads

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Apr 24, 2015


I'm not going to be on here for a week or two.

I'm having a bit of a rough time right now and I need to work on myself.

I will still be putting up blog tours if I am scheduled for them, but I don't think there will be much else going up here for a bit.

I will be back, I promise!

Review -- Taking Sides

Taking Sides
Author: Paul E. Stawski
Release Date: February 12th, 2015
Publisher: Russet and Kensington Press
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 442
Format: Paperback, Received from author in exchange for an honest review


Taking Sides begins where Both Sides ended: with 16-year-old brain transplant recipient Alex Featherstone leaving the hospital and coming home. But where, exactly is home now that she’s living in another girl’s body? Taking Sides gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to deal with the press and paparazzi, school, family and friends as we follow Alex on the rollercoaster ride that has become her life.

My Review:
This book picks up almost where it left off in the first one. Though the first one has a lot of you inside Alex's head, this one is more an external environment.

You still get to be in Alex's head, but most of this you see on the outside. You get to meet new characters as well as have all of them from the first book back as well. This book is mainly a battle between Alex trying to figure out who she is now. She seems to be remembering things....but are they her memories or Sandra's?

I thought we would get to see Sandra more in this book, but it is still Alex as the show. I don't mind that at all, just the ending of the first book make it seem it would go in a different direction.

Alex is now under the pressure of trying to get her life going back to normal in a body that isn't what she is used to. On top of it all, she can't go anywhere without have some sort of media there to hound her down with questions. She gets insulted a lot as well, which to me just is not right. She didn't ask for all of that to happen to her. We should just be happy she is alive in some way to continue on her life. Why people have to be so rude and hateful, I will never know.

I liked this book a little better than the first book, but that is because you get to know Alex a little more. You get to know who she really is as well as watching her change into a better person. You see her blossom into so much more as the pages go. She still has her annoying moments, but I still cannot blame her with all the changes she has had to endure in the past few weeks.

You get to meet Gavin, her bodyguard, Iz, hard to explain him, and Mr. P, her lawyer. I really enjoyed all 3 of these characters because they were all there for her completely. Gavin gets to know Alex and is sucked into her as a person. Not romantically, but you can see that he definitely gets more protective with her on a caring basis, not just because it is his job. Mr. P also gets to know her and does all he can to help her in the end. Iz is my favorite though. I don't know exactly how he got some of his info that seemed to be in her head and her head only, but he seems so awesome. He is a computer hacker that does all he can to help Alex along the way. I thought there might be some romantic interest there, but I think that will be revealed if there is any in the third book. I definitely want to know more about him no matter if they stay friends or not though.

This book has a decent amount more of serious aspects of it. You don't see the doctors as much, but legal problems come up through most of the book. You get to flip through page after page wondering how it is all going to turn out.

I really enjoyed reading through it and learning more about all the characters as well as getting to watch Alex waddle through her life a little bit more. You get to watch from a physical aspect how she progresses in her new body. It is all so fascinating that it will keep you turning each page.

I don't know how to say much more without spoiling the story. I just hope you will take my word on it and go out and give this series a chance.

Apr 23, 2015

Book Blitz -- Twisted


Author: Holly Hook
Release Date: December 15th, 2013
Publisher: Self Published
Tour Host: Ya Bound Book Tours

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble |

Sixteen-year-old Allie isn’t like other girls. Instead of spending her summer break sitting around on the beach, she takes the epic vacation of a lifetime.

Tornado chasing. And she’s not disappointed. Just a few miles from the town of Evansburg, Nebraska, Allie meets her dream of seeing a tornado. In person. She can’t wait to tell her friends back home. Never mind that her parents are going to kill her.

But her dream soon turns into a nightmare, and a strange event leaves her shocked. Confused. When she returns home to Wisconsin, something’s...different. Allie now bears a curse so awful, it could destroy everyone and everything she’s ever known.

With her best friend, Tommy, Allie must return to the plains to find a way to reverse it. She enters a world that she had never imagined, where she becomes a pawn in a fight to save the people of Evansburg from her fate...or to destroy them.


The twister has turned again. It's coming right up behind us. Rolling earth eats the entire highway. There's tornado taking up the whole view of the back window. Dust rips to the sides. The bottom of its funnel spins with fury, big enough to swallow a house whole. Its roar screams against the outside of the vehicle, shaking the seat, pushing the whole van to the side.
It's no longer beautiful.
"Ohmigod," I say, sucking in a breath. "Um...Kyle? Um...”
"I know!" he snaps. His knuckles turn white on the steering wheel. The van lurches again but he maintains control.
"Allie, get down!" Uncle Cassius pulls me towards him. The seat belt cuts into my shoulder.
What good is it going to do? If the tornado lifts the car--
I'm going to die.
I begged to go on this trip and now Uncle Cassius is going to die too.
The windows shatter with a deafening boom and the wind screams in my ears. AllieAllieAllieAllie...
I can't breathe.
We're floating.
Uncle Cassius shouts something. Kyle yells. If I'm screaming, I can't tell. The storm's sucking it right out of me. Windy hands seize my arms, my legs.
They pull.
My safety belt snaps open, whipping against my leg. I scream with the sting. The seat disappears under me and the van door rips open.
I'm flying.
The tornado's ripping me right out of the van.
The world turns to a white and brown roar. The van's gone. I have no time to cry out to Uncle Cassius before the world snaps to black and silence swallows me.
About the Author
Holly Hook is the author of the Destroyers Series, which consists of five young adult books about teens who are walking disasters...literally. She is also the author of the Rita Morse series, a young adult fantasy series still in progress, and After These Messages, a short ya comedy. Currently she is writing Twisted, a spin-off of the Destroyers Series due out in December. When not writing, she enjoys reading books for teens, especially ya fantasy and paranormal series with a unique twist.

Find Her Here: Twitter | Website | Facebook | Goodreads

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Apr 22, 2015

Cover Reveal -- Pixelated

Author: L.S. Murphy
Release Date: June 30th, 2015
Publisher: Bloomsbury Spark
Tour Host: YA Bound Book Tours

Goodreads |

Senior Year.

Middle of nowhere.
What's the new girl to do?

For Piper Marks, the answer is simple. She’s determined to have her photography rock the cover of National Geographic someday, and moving to Clarkton, Iowa for her last year of high school is not going to stop her. Even if her usual subjects have changed from bright lights and skyscrapers to fields, cows...and more fields.

But when photographer at the local paper quits in a huff, she steps into his spot. Her new job keeps Piper busy capturing tackles, and zooming in on first downs and end zone dances, not to mention putting her directly in the path of varsity football star Les Williams IV. Her new friends warn her off, but she can’t resist the pull she feels toward this mysterious country boy. But this small town is keeping a secret, and it’s one that could destroy any chance they have to be together.

It’s up to Piper to decide what to do with the distorted truth. Can she risk exposing her heart? It might be worth it, 'cause Les is about to change her world from black and white to fully saturated color.

Praise for Pixelated:
"In Pixelated, L.S. Murphy weaves a complex web of secrets and lies with a ‘will they or won’t they’ romance that kept me turning pages and holding my breath!" ~ Julie Reece, author of The Artisans and Crux

"Beautifully written, with a full spectrum of emotion and complex characters, Pixelated will tug at all your heartstrings. I easily lost myself in the world L.S. Murphy created and couldn't stop reading because I needed to see how the story ended." ~ Kelly Oram, author of Cinder & Ella

"L.S. Murphy brings something for every reader with Pixelated: romance, secrets, mystery, and a main character torn between two choices. Murphy's writing is sharp and steeped in emotions, deftly hooking her readers from the first sentence to the last." ~ Sarah Bromley, author of A Murder Of Magpies

About The Author

L.S. Murphy obsesses about St. Louis Cardinals baseball, fangirls over her favorite authors, and watches every episode of Doctor Who like it's the first time. When she's not doing those time-consuming things, the former farm-girl turned city slicker turned suburbanite writes sweet romances for teens and adults.

Twitter | Goodreads | Website | Facebook |


Waiting on Wednesday -- Broken Juliet

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly blog topic that is brought to you by Jill over at Breaking the Spine!!

Broken Juliet
By: Leisa Rayven
Release Date: April 28th, 2015

| Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble |

How do you fix a love that’s been broken beyond repair?

For years, Cassie Taylor tried to forget about Ethan Holt. He was the one great love of her life, and when he failed to return her love, a part of her died forever. Or so she thought. Now she and Ethan are sharing a Broadway stage, and he’s determined to win her back. Claiming to be a changed man, he’s finally able to say all the things she needed to hear years ago, but can she believe him? What makes this time different from all his other broken promises?

Ethan knows he can’t change their tumultuous past, but if he’s going to have any chance of being with the woman he loves, he’ll need to convince Cassie that her future belongs with him.

Don’t miss this stunning conclusion to the unforgettable love story that captivated over two million fans online.

Apr 21, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday -- Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme brought to you at The Broke and the Bookish!! Each week we will be releasing a top ten book related list for you all to enjoy!

No explanation is needed this week. It is all said below :)

These are not in any order!

Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors

Nikki Godwin
I came across Nikki thanks to Twitter. She looked up Oreos and milk due to her upcoming book release. I came up in the feed. She started to talk to me and tell me that my boyfriend reminded her of a boy in her book. We chatted back and forth a little bit. I then was sent an invite for a blog tour and it happened to be her book, American Girl on Saturn. I had to sign up for it. I wanted to know about this book that seems like my boyfriend. I was hooked. I became a Nikki fangirl right then and I have been ever since. I have read every book that she has ever published, well that I know of :) Now she has become someone I can consider a great friend. She has been there for me not only professionally, but personally. I am honored to have her as a friend and have the support that she has given me. I don't know if I would be anywhere close to where I am with my book if it wasn't for her.

Julie Kagawa
I came across Julie because of The Iron Fey series. I LOVE Fae books and I had to get a hold of these. I ended up getting the boxed set of them and once my review pile went down, I was able to enjoy them. I fell in love with the characters and became a hardcore member on Team Ash. I haven't gotten the privilege to be able to talk to her, but I loved her work. When a book sticks with me for months and even years, I know it affected me well beyond most books are able to get me.

J.K. Rowling
I am sure a lot of us will have this author on their list today. It is well deserved though. The amount of writing she did for this series is incredible. I just wrote my own book and I struggled to get the word count up. I can't believe how much she was able to write and have it flow so well. This is a book that has helped pull me out of some super dark times in my life. I don't think there is any other series that has made me a fan girl more than this one. I will be in debt to Rowling for the rest of my life with what she was able to help me through. When I am having a hard day, I pull out one of her movies to watch. When I need a little more help than that, I pull out the books all over again. I will be reading these books for the rest of my life.

Kiera Cass
I have been in the Kiera Cass world since I first started my first blog back in 2008. She wrote a book called The Siren. I still own that book to this day. I don't know if she even sells that book anymore. She was self-published with that book. She personally asked me to read her book for her and put the review on my blog. We started talking back and forth and she was hilarious. She is such a wonderful person. We fell apart when I was forced to give up that blog. I had to give up the whole reading world completely. Her spirit has stuck with me this whole time, though. I have no since read her Selection series and I loved that one as well. It has a lot of hidden meaning put into it with a wonderful romance. I will read anything this girl puts out. Her personality and love for all her fans has given her that honor.

A.J.   Matthews
This is another author that I came across through a blog tour. Her book sounded interesting though it honestly wasn't something I would normally read. I felt drawn to it somehow anyway. I read it and fell in love. There is so much wonderfulness put into those pages. There is so much meaning put into it that you can't help but want to cry in spots. Goodbye to You is one of those books that I will keep in my heart forever. I have since gotten in touch with the author and we have became good friends. She has been supporting me through my book writing and I do the same for her. I have also read everything she has put out and I know I will keep that going as long as she keeps writing!

Emily Godwin
Emily is the sister of Nikki above. I felt they both deserved their own spot. Emily has the honor of making me cry in a book that was pretty short. One minute I don't know what is going on, then the next tears are streaming down my face in a heavy flow. Only three authors have made me cry in that way, and Emily gets to be one of those. She has written wonderful books. Each one has a touch of Paranormal, some more than others. She has also became a great friend of mine. She is my Disney Loving buddy. Anyone who loves Disney movies as much as I do is definitely worthy of my time.

Siobhan Davis
I seem to be coming across a lot of these authors thanks to blog tours. This is another one of those authors. I even feel horrible of what I am about to say. I signed up for her tour for True Calling. I had no idea why. When I got the copy I had to force myself to read it. I was dreading it. Then I started to read it and I was hooked. I fell for the characters and the world of it all. She has made it flow so well that even though it is futuristic, you can still follow it perfectly fine. She put so much depth into her characters. Each and every one of them end up with a personality, even the ones that you barely see. I don't know how she did it, but she pulled it off well. I have since been a beta reader for her and love each and every one of her books. I get hangovers each time and can't wait for the next one to be put in my hands. We have also became friends thanks to her works and I also have her full support in my writing, too. I am proud to be part of her fanclub :)

Lindsay Paige
Lindsay writes a lot of books with Hockey in them. I came across her thanks to Kristalyn. I have only been able to read a couple of hers so far due to my huge TBR pile but the ones I have read have been breathtaking. There is so much emotion put into each of the books and you get a good feel for each character. They feel like they are able to come out of the book at any moment.

Aprilynne Pike
I came across this author with her Wings series. I loved the cover. I thought it was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. I would still have that cover in the top 3 book covers that I love. It is so simple yet says so much at the same time. She was the first author that I read that wrote about Fae. Her take is a lot different than the others, but she is what made me jump head first into the Fae world with no turning back. I will always have a special place in my heart for her books. She sucked me into that world and I don't know if I ever came back out. 

Richelle Mead
This is another author that I have Kristalyn to thank for showing her to me. I got the whole Vampire Academy set from my boyfriend for my birthday. It was my first birthday being with him. We went to a city that was a couple hours away. I went into the Books-A-Million that was out there and was shocked with how cheap the set was. I got all 6 of the books, 2 of which were hardcover, for under 20 bucks. I put them on my shelf and they stayed there until Kristalyn. She started talking to me about them and talked me into reading them. Once I started the first book, I couldn't stop. I flew through all 6 of them and had one of the biggest book hangovers when I was done. I fell hard for Dimitri. He is my number 1 book boyfriend and I am sure she will hold that title for the rest of my life. I connected with him in a way that I haven't connected with any other boys in books. If you can make me love a character that much, you are worthy of my list!


 Well, that's my list for the week! Hope you all enjoy! 

Leave me your links below!

Teaser Tuesday -- Elevated

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.

 Anyone is able to play along, just do the following :)
  • Grab your current read 
  • Open to a random page 
  • Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page 
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn't give too much away! You don't want to ruin the book for others!) 
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!


My Teaser:

"Last year,
I used to have friends,

Last year,
Honesty lived,

On 5% of Elevated by Elana Johnson

Goodreads | Amazon |

Apr 20, 2015

Miscellaneous Monday #7 -- Pasta Bake Recipe

Miscellaneous Monday is a new weekly meme started by my bestie, Kristalyn, over at The Sarcastic Palmtree. Miscellaneous Monday is where you can talk about literally anything you would like for anyone to know or see! This will be a blog hop, so go ahead and grab the sticker above and make your own post for all of us to see! You don't have to have a blog, you are welcome to leave comments about anything as well!

For this Miscellaneous Monday, I have decided to talk about:

Pasta Bake

I figured I would give you all a recipe of mine that my family loves. I actually just had to write this recipe down for my brother so his girlfriend could make it for him, too. They ended up making it twice in one week because he loves it so much.

When I was working in a daycare when I was in high school, the cook there made something called Lasagna Bake. It wasn't really Lasagna, but I got the concept. When she was out, I usually filled in for her. I had fun being the cook. One of the recipes she taught me was the Lasagna Bake.

I started to make it at home and my family really enjoyed it. It was just noodles, sauce, ground beef, and mozzarella cheese. 

My boyfriend and I started to fiddle with it and make it our own. It has changed a bit but is still really simple. We changed the name a bit, too.

This recipe can feed 4-6 people depending on portion size.

This is a *warning* that this will make you super full and want to take a nap.

Pasta Bake
by Amber Hodges

1 box of rotini noodles
1 lb. ground turkey
1 jar Prego Bacon Provolone sauce
1 jar Prego Cheddar cheese sauce
1 container of pesto (can make your own)
1 8 oz package of mozzarella (shredded)

Preheat oven to 425 degrees or use broiler.

Cook pasta in boiling water.

While pasta is cooking and oven is preheating, put the ground turkey on the stove. Add spices of your choice. I use salt, garlic powder, and some greek seasoning from my supermarket, but you can use anything you would like to.

When pasta and turkey are done, put them into a 9x13 baking dish. Add the Prego sauces and the pesto. Mix them all together.

Top the dish with the Mozzarella cheese. put as much or as little as you like. I put the whole pack on mine, but I love cheese.

Put in the oven until top of cheese gets golden brown and bubbly.

Put on plate and wait to cool so you don't burn the roof of your mouth.


The Prego sauces make the dish even better. If you can't find them though, you can just use velvetta cheese melted with a little bit of milk and a normal jar of alfredo sauce. I just find the Prego bacon sauce to really add so much flavor to the dish. I haven't found another sauce come anywhere close to that one.

If you would like to make your own pesto sauce, here is the recipe.

Fresh Basil
Parmesan Cheese (grated or shredded)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Put equal amount of the basil and parmesan into a food processor. throw in a clove or 2 of garlic. If you use the jar of garlic, just add a spoonful in. You can add a lot or a little depending on how much garlic you like.

Pulse the mixture in the processor.

Drizzle in the olive oil until it is a paste consistency.

All done :)

Well, that is my recipe. I hope those of you who try it will love it just like my family does!


Would you like to join us for Miscellaneous Monday? We would love to see what you come up with to perk us up on a Monday so grab the sticker at the top of this post and join in the blog hop!Miscellaneous Monday can be about literally anything....books, movies, music, tv, interviews, sports, apps, you name it, we want to see it! Anyone is welcome to join even if you don't have a blog leave us a comment and tell us what you are enjoying this fine Monday!

Apr 18, 2015

Stacking the Shelves -- ebook style

I got two books this week. One book was a preorder for 99 cents, the other one, neverland was free on Kindle. You might be able to still get it for that price if you hurry!! :)

Not Without You
Clare James

Goodreads | Amazon |

Falling in love was the easy part …
Noah and Tabby’s love story wasn’t typical … or particularly romantic. After all, he picked her up at a bar – or maybe she picked him up. Either way, he saw her naked before he even knew her name.

Tabby came to him broken, but determined. And Noah knew how to fix her. It was a meeting of the bodies. A retraining of the mind. A connection that soon infected the heart.

But after two years, Noah’s old tricks aren’t working, and Tabby is shutting down again. This time, he refuses to play games. He wants all of her, or nothing at all.

Not Without You returns to the eclectic neighborhood where Noah and Tabby met, and where they are now discovering that life doesn’t get easier after you leave campus. What began as a sweet story of love and redemption, turns into something dark, intense … and, at times, disturbing. And if they’re not careful, it will destroy them both.
Anna Katmore

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble |

“Any last words?”
“Go to hell, you freaking…filthy…godforsaken…”
Our noses almost touch as he dips his head and brushes a strand of my hair behind my ear. “Angel, the word you’re looking for is pirate.”

Why is there a boy who doesn’t want to grow up?
How can an apple start the sweetest romance in fairytale history?
And what does a ruthless pirate have to do with it all?

Although Angelina McFarland loves reading fairytales, she never dreamed of falling right into one herself. But that’s exactly what happens when she slips on her balcony and a flying Peter Pan catches her mid-fall.

Ending up in Neverland where no one seems to age and laws of nature are out of control, Angel has no idea how to get home. Worse, the ruthless Captain Hook captures her and keeps her trapped on his ship, the Jolly Roger, where she gets caught between the lines of a timeless battle. But the more time Angel spends with the captain, the more she sees beneath his ruthless façade. The feelings she’s growing for him are as intense as shocking, and soon she can’t stop thinking about how soft his lips felt on hers when he kissed her under the stars. But Angel and a pirate? That’ll never work. Or can it?

As Angel desperately tries to find a way to return to her real life, she discovers a train ticket to London in her pocket. It won’t be any help in getting off the island, but as her memory fades away the longer she stays, this is all she has left to remind her of her former life and why she can’t give up trying.

Or is staying in Neverland forever the better choice after all?

Grab a happy thought and follow Angel on an adventure that will keep you breathless and smiling long after you read the last page…

That's all I got this week!!
What did you get??

Apr 17, 2015

Two-Year Blogoversary!! +Giveaways!!


Hey followers!! I am here to say that it has been 2 years!

I can't believe it. I feel like I just started my blog up! I have gotten my 674 followers in that time frame and I am so happy about it! I keep trying to get more and more everyday!

I plan to have many more years with you guys!

I have also written a book! I will have it out into the world sometime this summer. I don't have a specific date yet though!

You guys inspired me to get it going. I have always been afraid and didn't think I could do it! I had all the support for you and some great friends that I have met through this blog, so I went for it!

As a thank you for being around for my two-years, I am running 2 giveaways!!

The first giveaway will be US only.
It is for the books:
Summer of my German Soldier by Bette Greene (Paperback)
City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare (Paperback)
City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (Paperback)
So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti (Paperback)
Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott (Hardcover)
#Scandal by Sarah Ockler (Hardcover)
Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg(Hardcover)

For my second giveaway, it will be international!

I will be picking 5 winners to pick up to $10 dollars worth on The Book Depository!

I have rafflecopters below for you to enter each one!!

Thank you again for being such wonderful supporters! Here is to many more years to come!!

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Review -- Both Sides

Both Sides
Author: Paul E. Stawski
Release Date: August 1st, 2013
Publisher: Russet and Kensington Press
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 288
Format: Paperback, Received from author in exchange for an honest review


Imagine if you were in a tragic accident – unable to move or speak but otherwise cognizant of everything around you. Imagine hearing doctors deciding your fate without you having a voice in the outcome.

Alex is a 16-year-old girl who finds herself in that exact situation in Both Sides, a novel that begins when – while on a class field trip – Alex and another girl, Sandra, end up in a horrible accident.

If the doctors act quickly, they may be able to save one body…and one brain. Amid the confusion and uncertainty, we hear everything that’s going on in Alex’s mind – from her initial disbelief to her wry sarcasm about the absurdity of it all to her realization that life, as she knew it before, will never be the same. If she survives.

The novel poses a myriad of questions: Just what makes up a person? Is it the body, or the mind, or something else entirely? Will Sandra’s body reject Alex who so often rejected her?

Both Sides tackles these issues and more. Within its pages every reader will find her own answers and discover, in the end, a story of courage and a girl who never before existed.

My Review:
This was a book that sounded different than anything I have came across before. The idea of a brain transplant was amazing and I had to read into it. I was very surprised by how good it was.

Alex is a girl that I don't know what to think of. She seems so stubborn the whole time and seems to be very full of herself. When she finds out that she is going to be in Sandra's body she seems to go even more downhill. The way she talks though, you can't help but continue to read on throughout the pages. I have a feeling she is going to grow a lot in the next book into someone that will be wonderful.

Sandra you don't get to see much in the book. You get little glimpses of her, but I really don't know much about her. I would love to see more of her in the next book, hopefully!

The doctors seem to be pretty stubborn as well. Dr. Clark comes across very pushy and doing things that she might not be doing. Dr. Hausley seems very stuck up and sure of himself. It comes across the whole time and that annoys me a bit. Dr. B seemed to be my favorite but I didn't see her much after the surgery was over. It turned more into a Dr. Clark show after she woke up. I am still shocked at all they were able to do even if it was fictional. One day it might be able to happen in the real world.

I enjoyed this book very much. It was written in a way that you get right into Alex's head from the first page you get a glimpse at who she is. She is very witty and as I said above very stubborn. As you read, you get glimpses of fear, though I don't think she really wants you to see that side of her. She doesn't know where life is going to go and that seems to terrify her. She isn't the girl she was when the accident happened and she has so much more to go.

This is a book that anyone could enjoy. It is easy to read but has medical issues put throughout it. You are able to follow it no matter your medical education level. It makes you feel good to be able to follow it along. The author does a great job of writing it in a way that it flows and is easy to understand. You get to see that life isn't always how it seems and that you need to love the life you have. You may never know when it could all be changed forever.

The book was ended in a way that you know all the answers that you were waiting on in this book will show up in the next one. I can't wait to figure out what happens in the world of Alex and Sandra.

Apr 15, 2015

Cover Reveal -- The Summer of Lost Wishes

The Summer of Lost Wishes
Author: Jessa Gabrielle
Release Date: May 28th, 2015
Publisher: Self Published
Tour Host: YA Bound Book Tours

Goodreads |

When sixteen-year-old Piper Davenport's mom packs up their lives and heads to the coastal Florida town of Coral Sands, Piper doesn't care much for the view...until she catches a glimpse at Rooks Carter.

Her mom's "look but don't touch" policy regarding the boy next door is all but impossible to maintain, especially since he's helping his dad restore Piper's new home, the Calloway Cottage. A gorgeous, shirtless boy makes this boring little town a bit more exciting.

But after Piper and Rooks discover a secret in the walls of the cottage, they have a chance to unravel the biggest mystery in Coral Sands history - unless someone unravels them first.


About The Author

Jessa Gabrielle is a young adult author who lives in the land of salt water, palm trees, and sandy shorelines. She believes that summer love is pure bliss and that she was a mermaid in a past life. Her debut, The Summer of Lost Wishes, will be out later this year.

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Waiting on Wednesday -- Invincible

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly blog topic that is brought to you by Jill over at Breaking the Spine!!

By: Amy Reed
Release Date: April 28th, 2015

| Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble |

The Fault in Our Stars meets Go Ask Alice in this dramatic romance about a teenage girl who survives a terminal cancer diagnosis, only to get trapped in the deadly spiral of addiction. Fans of Gayle Forman and Sara Zarr will be swept away by this gritty romance, the first in a duology.

Evie is living on borrowed time. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer several months ago and told that by now she'd be dead. Evie is grateful for every extra day she gets, but she knows that soon this disease will kill her. Until, miraculously, she may have a second chance to live.

All Evie had wanted was her life back, but now that she has it, she feels like there's no place for her in it--at least, not for the girl she is now. Her friends and her parents still see her as Cancer Girl, and her boyfriend's constant, doting attention is suddenly nothing short of suffocating.

Then Evie meets Marcus. She knows that he's trouble, but she can't help falling for him. Being near him makes her feel truly, fully alive. It's better than a drug. His kiss makes her feel invincible--but she may be at the beginning of the biggest free fall of her life.

Apr 14, 2015

Book Blitz -- The Truth About Jack


The Truth About Jack
Author: Jody Gehrman
Release Date: April 14th, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Crush
Tour Host: Ya Bound Book Tours

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble |

Dakota McCloud has just been accepted into a prestigious art school. Soon she'll leave behind the artists' colony where she grew up―hippie dad, tofu since birth, yurt―and join her boyfriend and best friend on the East Coast. It was the plan...until Dakota finds out her boyfriend and best friend hooked up behind her back.

Hurt and viciously betrayed, Dakota pours out her heart on a piece of paper, places it in a bottle, and hurls it into the ocean. But it doesn't quite go where she expects...

Jack Sauvage finds the bottle washed up on the shore and responds to Dakota's letter. Except what if his straight-laced life doesn’t jive with the free-spirited girl he’s only seen from afar? As Jack creates a persona he believes she’ll love, they slowly fall for each other with each new letter. Now Jack is trying to find a way to make this delicate, on-paper romance happen in real life...without revealing his deception.

About the Author
Jody Gehrman is a native of Northern California, where she can be found writing, teaching, reading, or obsessing over her three cats most days. She is also the author of ten novels and numerous award-winning plays. Her Young Adult novels include The Truth About Jack, Audrey's Guide to Black Magic, Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft, Babe in Boyland, Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty, and Triple Shot Bettys in Love. Babe in Boyland was optioned by the Disney Channel and won the International Reading Association's Teen Choice Award. Her adult novels are Bombshell, Notes from the Backseat, Tart, and Summer in the Land of Skin. Her plays have been produced in Ashland, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and L.A. She and her partner David Wolf won the New Generation Playwrights Award for their one-act, Jake Savage, Jungle P.I. She is a professor of English and Communication Studies at Mendocino College.

Find Her Here: Twitter | Website | Facebook | Goodreads

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