Mar 30, 2015

Miscellaneous Monday #4 -- Baby Chicks!

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For this Miscellaneous Monday, I have decided to talk about:

Baby Chicks

My uncle is the store manager for a hardware store. Every year they do something called "Chick Day" They order in lots of baby chicks. If you buy a bag of chick feed, you get the chicks for free. I have wanted them for a while but just never lived anywhere that we were able to have them. We finally can get some, so guess what, WE DID!
I am now the proud momma to 5 beautiful little girls! They are Rhode Island Reds and are so dang cute! They will end up really dark red and give us up to 300 eggs a year per each chicken. They are one of the sweetest breeds you can get and I already see it. They curl up in my hands and crawl all over me.
I have them all named and I love them so much already. Their are named Duck, Darla, Piper, Hoot, and Pidgey! I can't wait to be able to watch them grow up.
Right now I have to keep them heated up with a heating pad. We have them in our down stairs bathroom. We change their water all the time! They have a habit of kicking their food into the water which makes them not want to drink it anymore. I pull them out every few hours to get them used to me. They don't like the tile floor, I think it is too cold for them, so I put down a towel over me and let them walk all over me.
We are going to be building them their own chicken coop for when they get big enough to go outside. We are going to make it to where we can move it all over the yard so they get plenty of grass time!
Has anyone else out there raised chickens? Would you love to get some if you could??

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    why would you post this, the cuteness is overwhelming!! I've never held a baby chick and I really want to though. I'd love a pet chicken tbh as weird as that sounds. I don't know if its such a good idea to give chickens to every customer that buys x. Makes me think of those people that give away bunnis during easter, and the children getting tired of them two months later so they end up in a shelter.
    I think its great that youre taking this seriously and come on, everyone can have dogs, chicken are way cooler!

    1. Exactly!! The breed we got is supposed to be so friendly that you can have them as a pet. They follow people around all the time that have them. Ours are starting to already too! We put our hand on the floor and they run over and just jump in! I've never had them before but I have always wanted to! Our area down here is slightly redneck so I have a feeling most of the chicks are taken care of! Ours will just be spoiled rotten!


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