Mar 16, 2015

Miscellaneous Monday #2 -- Gardening

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For this Miscellaneous Monday, I have decided to talk about:


Delphinium Flower
View from my chair out into the communal yard.
My flower trellis and where my sproutlings are.
This is the first year that we have been in a place to live in time to start our gardening early. Last year we moved in May and by the time we got everything paid for around the house, our garden didn't get going until June. Since we waited so late to be able to start, we didn't really get any vegetables or anything. It was just way too hot and sunny where we are for them to have a fighting chance.

Flowers I bought at the store. Verbena, Snapdragon, Pink Miniature Rose Bush, and Delphinium Flower.
We have our stuff planted this year. We have all sorts of herbs planted as well as some peppers. Of course, I had to get some flowers.

Closer pic of the flowers above.
I bought some already good to go but I also bought me some seeds to try as well. So far a couple of them have little sproutlings already. We just planted them last weekend, so I'm happy to see their progress.

Close up of some of my little sproutlings.
My boyfriend is also trying to brew his own beer from scratch. We purchased online some hops, barley, and wheat. They have all sprouted already, too. It is such a good feeling to see them all going.

The boyfriend's wheat, barley, hops, and buckwheat that sprouted.
There were a few types that we weren't sure if they would sprout outside, so we have them germinating in a little tray and most of those have sprouted as well. They are so tiny and cute. Once they get a little bigger, we will move them out with the other big boys.

I grew up thinking I had a black thumb. Everything I tried to plant just died. I didn't know why at the time, but I found out that the plants I was trying to grow were full sun plants and they were in shade all day. When you are a little one though, you don't realize any of this. Now that I have things growing it makes me super happy.

I go sit outside on my outdoor love seat and read. I love being able to see all my little plant babies growing and it gives me such a peaceful atmosphere to be out in. I am really enjoying it.

I also have a bird feeder with normal bird seed as well as a hummingbird feeder, too!

How about any of you? Do you guys do any gardening at all?

View from the yard into our little section of the yard. I love it!!


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  1. What a fun idea for a post! I used to have. Big veggie garden but it got to be too much every summer so I've given it up. I do have a ton of house plants I love though and I keep them alive pretty well! Great post!! <3


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