Feb 9, 2015

Review -- Nepenthe

Author: Lindsay Paige
Release Date: January 24th. 2015
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 246
Format: E-Book, Bought


Corey Kennedy was once a star on the football team at Salem University with his two younger brothers, Jonathan and Patrick. He lived and breathed football, hoping to follow his father’s dream to make it in the NFL. His chance was stolen from him when he was injured and his future in the sport ended.

As did his long-time method of coping with depression, a battle only he knows about and one he refuses to acknowledge.

A year after moving an hour away from his siblings, Corey hits rock bottom. His life is falling apart piece by piece. He’s too lost in his mind to see a way out. Slowly, with the the help of Olivia, a pushy new neighbor, Corey begins to learn healthier ways of dealing with the problems in his life.

His ground is already shaky and unstable while he struggles to stand on his own two feet again. He must find the strength to withstand what life throws at him, or crumble and fall back into his bad, unhealthy habits, which could end the relationships Corey very much needs.

My Review:
I met this author through my bestie, Kristalyn. I have read some of her books, but due to my huge TBR pile I have to read them in between other books. When this book came out, Kristalyn told me that I HAD to read it. I wasn't sure why exactly I NEEDED to read it since she didn't really tell me fully why, but once I got into it, I fully understood.

I will say here that I wish I would have waited to read this book at least a little bit. I started it not knowing the depth of depression this book deals with. I started it on the 24th anniversary of my daddy being killed in action during the Gulf War. I was already in a depression spiral and this didn't help it too much. With that said though, I LOVED the book.

I have battled depression since I was in the first grade. At least, that is how early I remember feeling it. As a child, I didn't know what it really was, I just knew I was moody and didn't understand the severe emotions that swirled through me on a daily basis. I am pretty sure now that losing my dad while I was so young is what initially triggered it for me. I have had good times as well as really bad. Even on my good days there is always this little hint of it behind my eyes just waiting to pop back up on a moments notice.

This book nailed the feelings of depression. I understand how he wanted Olivia around at times and at others wanted to be all alone. It is a very confusing feeling to battle and I felt that he learned to deal with it well. He definitely hit rock bottom a time or two, but he found a way to help pull himself out enough to keep going with his life.

I loved Corey. You see him a little in the first book, Bracing the Blue Line, but you don't really get a glimpse into who he is other than Lucy's older brother. This book is all about him. His feelings, what he is thinking, how he tries to figure it all out. My heart definitely went out to him because I know the feelings for sure. I felt like I was reading a book that had hidden messages to me myself.

I also really liked Olivia. I didn't like how she didn't want to talk about herself but always wanted to push Corey to talk, but I understand that is easier to help others than to help yourself. She was still a wonderful character full of so much warmth and love. You could see how she felt for Corey before he figured it out himself.

This is a book that I could see anyone reading. Even teens could benefit from reading this book. It shows that even though you are dealing with depression, it isn't something to be ashamed of. Sometimes you need to understand that you need help to get through it. That does not mean you are weak, the exact opposite. It means that you are strong enough to admit something that can be very hard to let others know about. If you try to hold it in all the time you will eventually not be able to pull yourself out and just be a shell of a person. For those that have not dealt with depression, this book very easily helps anyone to see how it does feel. I was able to re-feel all the emotions that are very familiar with, but I know if you haven't felt them before, the author does a great job of putting the feelings into words and descriptions into the pages. She nailed it right on and that shows me how talented she is as an author.

Though I read this in a difficult time myself, it still helped me. It gave me hope to pull my own self out of bed, look at the good I have, and do what I can to keep myself above water. I know I have a boyfriend here for me no matter what, a puppy I would give my life for, and a family that is my sunshine for all my cloudy days. This book gives me the determination to keep plowing ahead and make what I want to of my life. My daddy is watching me and I know is proud of who I am no matter what I do!!

Thank you Kristalyn for the recommendation. You know me so well and I can't imagine not having you in my life. I am surprised I made it in my life before you came along. You are a treasure of mine that I plan to hold onto forever. You are a part of my family just as your family made room for me as well. We will get through everything together. I love you.

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  1. Awww you are so sweet and making me cry! I'm so glad you loved this book like I did. Lindsay is amazing and really knows how to write and pull those genuine feelings to the surface. I love you too girlie!!


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