Feb 22, 2015

Review -- Fifty Shades of Alice at the Hellfire Club


Fifty Shades of Alice at the Hellfire Club
Author: Melinda DuChamp
Release Date: July 17th, 2012
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 124
Format: Ebook, Bought



Twenty-three year-old Alice is stuck in a ho-hum marriage, bored with quickie vanilla sex. So she and her husband, Lewis, sign a contract with the notorious Hellfire Club in order to inject some spice into their love life.

But things get dicey when Alice's most decadent fantasies are brought to life, and she begins to fear that they'll never be allowed to leave.

The third short novel in the 50 Shades of Alice trilogy, this descent into naughtiness features the same colorful characters, kinky thrills, and offbeat humor as the previous bestselling titles.

This is erotica for smart people who like to laugh.

My Review:
When I was getting to this last book of the trilogy, I was pretty scared. I wasn't sure if it would be worse or better. I was surprised that I liked it a lot more than I did the other two books.

You come across a plethora of characters that are famous in one way or another. Some examples being Marc Antony, Cleopatra, Heathcliff, Jane Eyre. I liked waiting to see who would pop up next and how much they would be woven into the story or not. I also liked how there was also small puns and similes to each one as well.

This book has both Lewis and Alice into the story. Lewis was a little side note in the other two books, but this one he was a main character. You still majorly follow Alice, but Lewis is always there as you go along.

I enjoyed following the pages to see if Lewis could hold out enough. It made it more entertaining to read what was going on with Alice and trying to figure out how Lewis was doing. He fails at first, but ends up proving his worth.

The first two books were of Alice's fantasies, so I wasn't sure if this one was a fantasy as well. Since they were both in it, it made a little difficult to figure out.

The ending proved what it really was and I was still kind of confused that at one point things were good with them in the last book, then things went downhill fast, and then Lewis just seems to accept it in the end. I don't see why Alice just didn't say anything at the beginning and made all of this not happen, but I guess that isn't good when you are trying to write a book.

This one was more entertaining and captivated me more than the other two. I don't agree with the whole swinger thing going on in the pages, but it weirdly made sense for what I was reading though. This is still a book that is marked as read for me, but I don't think it will ever see it being listed as re-read.

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