Jan 3, 2015

Tag: Discussion post -- How Reading has Impacted my Life

I will try to not make this one too long, but I will be completely honest throughout the whole thing, I want to tell it from the beginning of my reading life.

When I was little, I loved going to the library at school. I can still remember how it looked and was always asking my teacher to let me go. I would spend a while looking at all the books and picking out my 2 I would want to take with me. Now here is my problem, I didn't really love to read yet, I just loved all the books and the smell. A lot of the time I would pick out the books and they would sit on my shelf or in my backpack until they were due to go back.

My mom took us one summer to this reading game they had at our local library. I so wanted to do it and beat the game, so I actually checked out the type of books it said for me to and I went home and read them. I was asking to go to the library every couple of days. This shocked everyone even my mom because I was the girl who was only inside when it was raining. If it was sunny, I was always outside playing some type of sport with my brothers and local neighbor kids. I played with them still, but I was also ditching them a bit to go back and read my book. In my little head the game was so important and I had to finish it. I was able to read some wonderful books at that time and it had me starting to read some of the books I checked out later when I went back to school.

I didn't always read them still when I went back to the library, but I at least was trying to. I remember reading The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. I can still remember exactly where it was on the shelf and the way the book looked. To me the book was huge. I was used to tiny little chapter books so to read that book was a feat in itself. I had to check it out a couple times to finish it up, but I did. I loved it so much. I am actually now on a hunt to find that exact edition I read in the library to keep it on my shelf. 

I went a few years without reading much but still doing my usual go to the library all the time thing. I don't know why I just couldn't leave the library, it had that pull to me all through middle and high school as well. I did read some books when I went there, but not as much as you would think for how much I went. I can remember only 1 book I actually read in middle school and 2 books that I read from the library in high school. I did get into Nicholas Sparks in high school though. We had a couple hurricanes while I was in high school that were pretty bad, our town was a wreck for a long time after Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Dennis hit us. We were out of power for weeks and had so much work on our house to do. I spent the cooler nights outside with The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I loved it so much. Once I was able to leave our small town again after the storms, I went straight to a book store to get more of his book, sadly though they weren't the happy endings I was looking for, they killed me, so I stopped reading him.

I didn't read much again until around 2008. My ex was in the military and he deployed overseas. I was a wreck especially when he tried to leave me a week after he left. I was there alone in our apartment just laying around the house. I still went to class, but that was about all I did. It was a very bad time in my life, but I can say it brought me something wonderful. My cousin, Ashleigh, came out to visit me after that. My ex decided he made a mistake and came back, but that pain was something I never got over and it haunted our relationship the whole time. My heart just never allowed him back in again as it should have. 

When my cousin was visiting, we went shopping. It was something we always did when he got together. We went to the book store and that is where she started telling about this book all of her friends were reading. She wanted to read them so bad but her mom wouldn't let her because she was worried she would have nightmares since there was vampires in the books. I felt so bad for her that I called up my aunt and told her that I would allow Ashleigh to call me anytime she woke up with a nightmare and I would talk to her until she fell back asleep if she let me buy her these books. I was allowed to buy her the books and within a couple days I had her calling me to tell me how wonderful the books were and that I had to go get them myself.

Now here is where I need to put on my shame hat. I ignored it for a few weeks. Almost every day she was telling me to go get them, but I just didn't want to. Here is where the shame came in. I saw that the books were Young Adult and to me those were kid books. I was an "adult" now and I didn't need to read stuff that middle schoolers read. My cousin was persistent though, so I went to target and got the first book. I was staying the night with my mom since my ex wasn't back from being overseas yet, I spent a lot of time over at her place. I decided to pick the first book up one night and I devoured it. I ended up spending the rest of the night not able to sleep because I HAD to get the next book. I was off bright and early in the morning to go pick up the rest of the series and I didn't get up from a chair pretty much for 3 days. I did nothing but read. My mom even had a hard time getting me to the dinner table to eat. I scarfed it down as fast as I could and was right back to reading.

Because I loved that series so much, I started looking up books online. I didn't know the book community was out there. I came across a blog called "The Story Siren". This blog is no longer active, but at the time I couldn't believe something so wonderful was out there. I went through all her posts, clicking on new blogs and spents hours and days going through all the blogs. I came across Goodreads during this time. I already had a huge lists and books I had to read now.

I ended up making a blog myself and becoming friends with a great group of girls. Most of them don't blog anymore, but I will remember those times for the rest of my life. Twilight is what got me into blogging and the YA community.

I now read more than I ever thought possible. I have this new blog, well not new exactly, but I had a blog before but had to give it up for a few years due to relationship issues in the past. I am getting close to having this blog for 2 years and it has been the greatest 2 years of my life. I love all of you on here and I love all the books I learn about. I get to find out about so many Indie authors that I had no idea existed.

Harry Potter was a book that helped me through my divorce. I read through it while we were having problems and during the actual divorce time itself, I was watching the movies. It kept me going and had my head above water. I don't know what I would have done without it. I would have never read it if it wasn't the reading community out there telling me how wonderful it was. The size of the series is what honestly scared me. Now I can't imagine never reading it. I re-read it at least once every 2 years if not once ever year.

Reading has saved me in times when I didn't know if I could be saved. I now read if I am happy, sad, angry, etc. I pick each book for my mood to help me get to a mood I should be in. They greatly influence me and I can't imagine never having them. I started off slow reading in my life, but I always had that pull.

This blog is a big part of my life and I can't wait to have many more years with you all.


  1. Yay, you did the tag!
    I really enjoyed reading your post, and it's so great how reading impacted your life. I can relate that reading has gotten me through many things, as it has for you. Thanks so much for writing this amazing post :)
    - Cambrie @ and so the book begins

    1. Sorry it was so long, but I wanted everyone to see where it all started and where it went from there :)

      Thank you for the tag! I enjoyed typing it up and getting to really think about all of it!!


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