Jan 2, 2015

Review -- Paper and String

18717026Paper and String (Mutilated #1.5)
Author: Emily Godwin
Release Date: April 27th, 2014
Publisher: Self Published
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 67
Format: Ebook, Bought


It's hard to make friends in a small Minnesota town when the most entertainment around is watching the snow fall. Socially awkward Nadia Knight doesn't know how she can live up to the promise she made her brother to make friends before summer when the only people she spends time with are the dead.

Between studying mortuary sciences and going to her best friend's musical gigs, she runs into - literally, with her car - a cute punk rocker named Anthony, although his friends call him Banshee. And he might just be the friend she's been waiting to make...and more.

But Anthony has a secret more fragile than paper and string.

My Review:
I got to re-read Mutilate My Heart for Swag September. Sadly, I didn't have any swag for this book so I had to put it off. Then I had some books that had to come first, but I knew the second I got a free chance to read something that wasn't for a review for a tour, this was the book. I made sure to make time for it this weekend and I refused to go to bed until I was able to devour it.

Devour it I did. My poor boyfriend was sitting next to me talking about houses and stuff, things that I should be excited about, but I couldn't really listen to him. I had to keep reading. I ended up not replying after a while to anything he was saying because I knew the more I talked the more he would keep going. I feel horrible that I was that way, but I HAD to finish the book.

You get a small glimpse of Nadia in MMH but you don't really learn about her. We all probably thought why the heck does she work as a mortician, but never really got it explained. I now know. She tells you all about why and also you get to know more about her as well. I never knew her personality or the fears that she carries around.

It was nice to see Banshee in a new light. You still don't get to know him super well, this is a novella after all, but you do get to see who he really is, not just the guitar screamer that you meet in MMH. Even though he is the up and coming rock star, you get to see his softer side that Nadia brings out in him.

You get to see the band before they get signed and are all big and famous like they are in Mutilate My Heart. In this book, they are just some regular guys trying to make it in the world.

For a novella, Emily does a wonderful job of giving you just enough to keep you hooked, but balances it with being able to pack it in with things you want to know. Sometimes novellas can either seem not enough or too much thrown into the pages that it doesn't make sense. She did it perfectly and made you satisfied when it ended.

I also loved to hear a little more about how Sketch was found. I knew kind of how he was, but you got to get more of a glimpse into Vertebrae and the life he wanted. I could fully understand his choice for leaving and wanted to learn more about it. I got pretty much all my questions answered.

There were some questions that you were left with, but the very end of the book shows that Emily is in the works of giving us more answers when the next Mutilate book comes out. I will sit here and try to be as patient as I can be, but Emily, I have to say, I NEED MORE!!


  1. Love your review! I've added the series to my TBR list. I was able to pick this one up for free.

    1. Definitely worth the read! They are both really quick reads but with a lot of talent put into the writing!! Let me know what you think when you finally get a chance to read them!!


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