Jan 5, 2015

Review -- Melodies

Author: Pamela Srey
Release Date: August 31st, 2012
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 239
Format: Ebook, Given from author in exchange for an honest review

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Seventeen year old Bianca Grey had a not so usual teenage life. Adopted with an abusive foster mother and unpopular at Philadelphia High School, Bianca found peace with her artistic talents.

Pete Carrara Jr., had a different life. He was popular in school, musically talented with good looks and brains. Pete had the ideal perfect life with the perfect family and friends.

Love had never crossed his mind until one day when he ran into Bianca. That very day, he thought love to be very possible.

Bianca was guarded and had never let anyone get close to her. No one knew she was adopted, not even the school. The more Pete got to know her, the more he fell in love with her. Bianca was not so certain on how much Pete should know about her personal life but the more she learned about Pete, the more she cared for him. With him, her complicated life wasn't so complicated anymore.

Their young romance blossomed through the difficulty of a drama filled high school and a series of mysterious killings in the city. But just when Pete thought that things were perfect with Bianca, her past surfaced.

Can their love overcome the scariest reality out there, the so called life?

My Review:
I was asked by the author to review this book for her and I honestly had never heard of it before. I went over to goodreads to check it out and it sounded pretty interesting. I decided to give it a shot, so here we are :)

I was sucked in from the beginning. I was wondering who the characters were because you get a lot of them thrown at you in the beginning. I was having to spend some time figuring out who they all were, but it wasn't anything that seemed too much. I then woke up early just to continue reading because I wanted to know how things were going to go.

Bianca seemed pretty sweet for the most part, but I didn't connect with her quite like I did Pete. Bianca has had a pretty rough life and I am proud of her for getting through it the way she does. I think she makes some mistakes with the way she handles things, but I also understand that her life isn't wonderful either.

Pete is such a great guy. He is a typical guy to start off with, he doesn't want a relationship at all. He likes it being just him and the random girls he finds for the night. Once he sees Bianca, his world is changed. He changes so much throughout the story and I loved watching all that he did. He was the boyfriend everyone dreamed of. He was a great character to read about.

There is also Greg, Lilly, Manny, Alex, Tanya, Annie, Mark, and Sammy. Most of these characters were little side characters, but some of them had more parts than the others. Lilly, Sammy, and Manny definitely weren't my favorite characters, but I am pretty sure it was supposed to be that way. I really liked Greg and Mark. I started off not liking them because of the way they are portrayed in the beginning of the book, but then you get to see them for who they really are, which is great guys. I wouldn't mind reading books just on them to be honest.

I loved the flow of the book and the romance throughout it. I also liked watching them grow up and see where they want to go in life. What I did not like was the ending. I had to take off a star for the rating because of the ending. I wish it had ended differently. I hate when a book ends with a huge cliffhanger but there isn't a second book out for you to get any relief. I want to know if things change in the next book and things work out or if they stay the way they are. I sure hope not.

Besides the ending, I loved the book. It had me captivated the whole time and kept me reading before I did anything else. I even had to force myself to put the book down just so I could go get me some food. I was sitting there starving but just didn't want to take the time to even grab something to eat.

I thought the world was pretty true to their age and I know that even though they are obviously young, you could feel the real love for everything throughout the story. Not just a romantic love, but also a friendly, brotherly love as well. I saw the relationships and smiled over all of them. The characters are so fun to get to know and you can help but like the guys.

I can't wait for the next book to come out, I know I will be stalking the authors twitter, website, as well as goodreads for any update so I can find out what happens!!!

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