Dec 22, 2014

Review -- Rival Hearts

23349609Rival Hearts (Rival Love #2)
Author: Natalie Decker
Release Date: December 23rd, 2014
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 277
Format: Ebook, Received from author in exchange for an honest review

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Caleb is ticked off. Skylar hasn’t answered any of his calls, texts, or emails since her move to New York, virtually cutting him out of her life without warning. So Caleb decides to go after her—and convince her to come back home.

But even when Skylar realizes her heart does belong at home with Caleb, her uncertainty lingers. Is it safe? Have things changed?

After the mysterious vandalism to the pool at Delmont High, everyone is desperate for answers they believe Skylar can provide. At first, she’s determined not to run. But when Caleb’s ex-girlfriend unleashes a vengeful surprise, Sky's love for Caleb is threatened.

Are these two rival hearts ready to fight for their love, or will they have to throw in the towel?

RIVAL HEARTS is the sequel to the bestselling teen romance novel RIVAL LOVE by Natalie Decker.

My Review:
I was so excited when I was asked if I wanted to read the book for the author for a review to go up around the release date. I loved the first book so much and this book didn't disappoint.

This book picks up about a week or so after the first one ended, but you don't really miss anything within the story. I really liked that it didn't pick up months down the road and left us all in a state of confusion.

Caleb was so sweet in this book. He has quite a lot happen to him in this book, but his feeling stayed true, no matter how his anger made it seem. He does so much for Skyler and you can't help but be on team Caleb. He strives to do so much within the relationship but also for himself. When things go down hill fast for him, he tries to be responsible no matter what, but that never changes how he feels.

Skyler is VERY stubborn in this book. I understand her doing some of the stuff she was doing, but other parts honestly annoyed me just a little. I wanted to go into the story and grab her shoulders and shake her. I wanted to tell her to cut the crap. She has so much going on to her too, but I feel like she handled it very childishly this time around. I still really liked her character and enjoyed her snarky comments. She was an easy point of view to read and you could feel her emotions flow out of the pages.

There are other characters however that I was ready to kick. I won't say who, but I know if you read this book, you will feel the same way. I suspected the end on the character the whole time, but it was nice when I was right. The author gives you little tiny hints here or there and it is up to you to pick up on them or not. I know the author made the character to be this way and she does a great job of making you feel emotions towards her, even if they are mean ones.

This book is written like the first in the way that it goes back and forth between Caleb and Skyler. I loved it in the first book and I loved it in this one as well. It is refreshing to get a glimpse into both of their heads. Since they are both very strong minded characters I don't think the book would be half as a good if you only got one side of it.

The book goes between New York where Skyler's dad and back to her home with her mom, her mom's fiance, and Caleb. It deals a lot with them at home and at the school. I was still able to picture the first book and how everything looked and just continued on with it in this book.

This book was so sweet and just as believable as the first. They both have such a rocky few months, but they still hold onto who they are. They both have tough decisions to make and it is a fun read to follow them along. I also love the feeling that you get about your own life. It gives me hope that even though my life isn't fully where I want it to be right now, it could always be worse. I need to keep my head up and not let the small things bother me. If you love something so much, hold onto it. Don't push it away or it could be gone forever.

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  1. This sounds like a really enjoyable, romantic, and sweet read. I love when characters go through rough times and push through it. It's simply more admirable than going through no obstacles at all - which wouldn't be realistic! Love your review!
    - Cambrie @ and so the book begins


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