Nov 28, 2014

Review -- To The Sea

20505078To the Sea
Author: Deirdre Riordan Hall
Release Date: February 11th, 2014
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 314
Format: Ebook, Gifted

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Fresh out of college and newly married, twenty-something Kira plans the perfect future with a house in the suburbs, ski getaways, and fancy dinners. When her husband Jeremy dies in a car accident, loss casts her adrift, but her heart cracks wide open when she uncovers the secrets he left behind.

Despite her dislike for the ocean with the whipping wind and itchy sand, Kira seeks solace in salt: tears, sweat, and the sea, helping her move beyond the myth of perfection, and guiding her toward the truth of who she really is.

She takes surf lessons to overcome her fear of the water and her well of grief. In the local surf scene, she meets sultry Jamie, with a hot Australian accent. He’s eager to spend time with her, but mostly between the sheets. Then there’s soulful Ian, her surf instructor, who helps her get on her feet and ride the waves.

During a transformative trip to South Africa on surfari, she learns the best way to be loved, yet when she returns to the shores of New England, grief continues to haunt her. She must let go, but how? Torn between the tides, Kira discovers strength and courage, navigates loss, lust, and love, taking readers along for the plunge.

My Review:
I wasn't sure how I would feel about this book. I knew it had some surfing in it, which I have learned to love thanks to Nikki Godwin, but I saw about losing her husband. I am sensitive to books like that, I don't do that well with death. Due to Deirdre being awesome as well as getting the swag for this book, I decided to give it a chance.

I waited until the end of September so in case this book was hard on me, it wouldn't put me in a book slump at the beginning of Swag September. I am mad at myself for this as well as glad. I am mad at myself because the book was wonderful. I am glad I waited because she has 3 other books in this series and I know if it was the beginning of the month I would have read all of them and not been able to get many other authors in for a read.

I haven't lost someone in the way she did, but I did go through the whole cheating thing. I know the pain it causes to see someone someway and then have that torn apart. For her I feel even worse, I was at least able to confront them and get answers, Kira wasn't given that option. She had no choice but to keep going even with how bad the pain was for her. I was proud of her for keeping going and all the tough things that she had to do. I don't think I could have done the things she did.

I didn't like Jamie. I had a feeling he was very similar to her ex-husband, Jeremy. Just how fast he went about things and I knew he was leaving soon, I just got that feeling. I was urging for Kira to realize it and was surprised it wasn't obvious to her, but I know how it is just to want to feel loved no matter how you are getting the attention.

I loved Ian. From the first time you meet him, I could tell he was a great guy. I could also tell he was reserved and in a way it seems like he is pretty shy. He knows the waves, he knows how to surf, but when it comes to love, he seems to be scared. I waited quite a while through this book to get to know Ian some more! He is definitely wonderful and a great guy to get sucked into!

This book takes you on an emotional rollercoaster following Kira. You get to watch her ups and downs and start to come to terms with who she really is and the life she wants. You see her gain acceptance to then have it yanked away as memories come to wash over her all over again. It was refreshing to see a character that seems real and didn't change right away. She was a normal person who you could see you meeting on the street. She was more than just a fictional character.

The book goes between her house on Lilac Court to her going to the beach. There is also a chunk of the book that is set with her in South Africa. She takes the time she was supposed to be on a honeymoon and takes a spontaneous trip to South Africa instead. Here is a time you can really see some things happening and watch her blossom into herself. It was great. You got to witness the changes within her and even get explanations on the battles she is fighting within herself.

Deirdre has created a wonderful story for anyone to enjoy. Male or female, it doesn't matter, you can both follow this. It is emotional but in a way that shows personal growth not the sappy story that most men don't want to read. There are some scenes that could be considered not meant for young eyes, so I would keep this book for high school age or above just in case. The scenes aren't very graphic or anything so I could see someone in high school still being able to enjoy it without it being considered too much for them!

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  1. Sounds like a great book. I get in sappy book reading frenzies around the 1st of the year. Every year! lol. I'll have to put it on my alert list for when it's released.


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