Oct 19, 2014

Review -- Summer Unplugged Series by Amy Sparling

I've decided to do my review for this one a little differently. I would usually do each book with separate posts, but I decided since they are all around novella size, I could just do the full series as a review here while still pulling them out individually. Let me know what you think of this way of doing the review!


21415360The Summer Unplugged Series
Author: Amy Sparling
Release Date: February 22nd, 2014
Publisher: Self Published
Series Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Pages: Approximately 255 pages
Format: Ebook, gifted from author for Swag September

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Summer Unplugged

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Bayleigh is addicted to her cell phone and her mom has had enough. After catching her sending a less than lady-like photo to a boy who barely knows her, Bayleigh's mom sends her away to her grandparent's house for the summer--sans cell phone, laptop and Ipod. Bayleigh thinks the summer will be torture without social media...that is until she meets the boy next door.

I had a hard time getting into this story at first, but it is also the beginning of a series, it takes a little while for things to pick up most of the time. Once I was in, I was sucked in for the long haul. I felt so bad for Bayleigh. I knew it was hard for her to give everything up, but she ended up finding someone very special along the way.

I hated Ian, I was wondering why she was so sucked into him at first, but I figured out it was just because she hated being alone and he was a way to pass that even though she didn't know it at the time. It was nice to see her find someone that was good for her, even though Jace had a slight mess up for a bit, though nothing like Ian.

This was a great book to start with and I can easily see why people were asking the author to continue on with the series. It was such a good story of young love you can't help but want more!


Autumn Unlocked

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After a summer grounded from technology, Bayleigh is back home and rebuilding her relationship with her mother. Her boyfriend Jace keeps his promise and stays in Texas, where he works at a local motocross track.

Knowing her relationship with Jace is something special and not like all the guys before him, Bayleigh is determined to keep their love strong, despite his notorious fame in the motocross world and the dozens of girls throwing themselves at him in his new job.

This book definitely kept me sucked in. I am glad I was able to keep reading after the first book. Bayleigh did annoy me a little bit in this story because she just kept getting jealous of everyone without asking him about it at all. he didn't do anything to show that he was cheating on her but she still would blow up over small things. I wanted her to see the way she was acting and try to calm herself down before she lost Jace due to her craziness.

That was my only complaint about this book. I still very much enjoyed it and I still liked Bayleigh. I know she is so used to getting treated horribly that it is just taking her some time getting her own insecurities out of herself.

I loved following the love story between the two of them and I loved that no matter what was thrown at them, they still somehow found a way to talk it all out and make it all work. It was so nice to read such a sweet love story, that I smiled through most of this book!



Winter Untold

When Jace accepts a job that has him traveling all over the country, Bayleigh wonders how their relationship can survive on random text messages and intermitent phone calls. Frustrated by his popularity on Facebook and jealous of all the parties he's attending, she finds comfort and friendship in Chase, the guy who just moved in next door.

This book was one of my favorites in the series, but it was also one of the hardest to read. I felt so bad for Bayleigh. She finally is accepting all the girls that want pictures with Jace and accepting their life together. Then he has to go on the road all over and they barely get to see each other. It isn't something that is easy to deal with.

She spends most of this book hovering around her phone. I know how this feels because I had a long distance relationship for a little while. I got to see him twice in a year and it was very hard on me. You never feel completely whole. I felt Bayleigh's pain throughout the pages and urged her to hold on a little longer, I figured it had to get better sometime.

Bayleigh has so many influences in this book trying to get her to just give up, I was proud of her to hold on to their relationship even with all the distance between them at the time. I was able to forgive all her childish moments when she was able to stay so strong. We all have our breakdowns, as did Bayleigh, but the ones she did have felt very justified to me.

I also love that Jace was able to pick up on all the problems and tried to do all he could to keep her happy while she was away. He travels so much but yet he still finds a way to fly back to see her whenever he can. It is so dang sweet and you can feel his love for Bayleigh flow through the pages into your own heart!



Spring Unleashed

Bayleigh graduates from high school and with her boyfriend Jace by her side, she feels like life can't get any better. That is until Jace and her mom suggest some plans for Bayleigh's future that she's not too thrilled about. As long as she can win them over to seeing things her way, life will be great again. Or so she thinks.

This is the last book of the series. I was worried about this one. I have had bad luck with series recently. I have been reading series that have been wonderful but when I get to the very end, it is horrible. I was very happy with how it was all ended. 

I loved how mature Jace is in this book. He knows what he wants, and even though Bayleigh is back in her childish ways again, I can't help but still love it all. You end up getting ideas as to what could all be going on so you are able to be understandable instead of angry. 

Jace has a lot of secrets throughout the series, but the secrets in this book are so sweet. I obviously can't tell you anything that happens, but I will promise you that he is a wonderful guy. 

I loved how we got to watch Bayleigh go from being totally scared about her future other than she knows she wants to live with Jace to being able to have a solid plan for herself that she is happy with. We all know it is scary to go through picking out a major, especially when nothing sounds good to pick. I was that way when I was graduating. I ended up picking something that slightly interested me but yet it just didn't feel right. I loved how Bayleigh didn't want to pick something just because, she held true until something popped out at her that just felt right.

This story has such a wonderful ending. It was the perfect story for me to curl up to on a rainy day. The author does a wonderful job of giving you a nice fluffy read, but also a story that can help you think about your own actions. I have jealous tendencies and this helped me see that it isn't always needed. We all have insecurities, it is up to us to not let them bother us.

These books are definitely a must read for anyone who loves some romance with a series that can leave you smiling and wanting to also better yourself!

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