Oct 5, 2014

Review -- Bracing the Blue Line by Lindsay Paige

22743096Bracing the Blue Line
Author: Lindsay Paige
Release Date: September 27th, 2014
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 289
Format: Ebook, received from author for honest review

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Neil, Grant, and Winston are college hockey players and roommates in vastly different relationships that intertwine three stories into one.

Captain Neil Lawson wants to run for the hills when a one night stand shows up on his doorstep, pregnant with his baby. His past haunts him before fueling him into being a part of this girl and this baby’s lives, but it won’t be that easy.

Goalie Grant Faison is a curious guy who starts doing small favors for the sports photographer of the college paper. There’s something more going on with the girl who has three overprotective brothers, but for once, Grant can’t ask questions. He has to wait for her to tell him on her own.

Defenseman Winston Brooks secretly dated his best friend’s younger sister in high school. Now that she’s attending his university, they try being friends. Their love never died and soon, it reignites. Winston has to keep history from repeating itself before he loses his girl once and for all. She’s not the same girl she used to be though.

The guys must battle their issues, both past and present, while falling in love along the way.

My Review:
My friend, Kristalyn, introduced me to this author and I have to say she has me more and more hooked with every book from her I read. I wasn't sure how the three different point of views was going to go, but she nailed it. It flowed so well and didn't feel choppy at all.

I loved all 3 of the boys, but the one that I think I liked the most would be Neil. He was the one who had the biggest character change throughout the book. You got to watch him go from a man-whore who didn't have a heart to a loving respectable young man.

Neil has his demons. He hints to them through the book and he has quite a temper to follow those demons. But once he lets them out to someone special, he blossoms out into such a great guy. I was rather shocked because at the beginning he was the one I didn't like the most.

Winston is sweet but is so afraid of his best friend and they way he will see him. He is afraid to lose his friendship so pushes away people that don't deserve it nor does he even want them gone. He finally towards the end gets the guts to follow his heart and take some chances, even when the truth doesn't come out in the most ideal circumstances.

Grant is also a sweetheart. He was the one that stayed the same the most. He is his usual person of asking lots of questions but when it comes to Lucy, he doesn't really ask much. He has learned asking questions pushes her away. To keep her around he has to just let her decide when she is ready to tell him the big mystery she is hiding. I like that he didn't change much, it is nice to have at least one character that stays steady on through to be a crutch for the others.

There is also a guy named Bo. He is best friends to Neil and tries to keep him on the right path throughout all the problems going on in his life. Neil fights it at first and will never admit to Bo that he was right, but he does follow the advice most of the time anyway. I heard there is another book coming out based on a character from this book and I have a feeling that Bo is it, though I could be wrong!

This book is pretty much set at the university they all attend. They go out to dinner here or there or they are at some away hockey games, but for the most part it is set somewhere on the campus whether in the library, out on a sidewalk somewhere, or someone's room.

The more hockey books I have been reading the more sucked in I am. I am not even a girl who liked hockey before the books, but now I want to run out and sit at every home game of our local team. I think many out there can get sucked into the books just by Lindsay alone.

This book is such a sweet book with real life problems. The writing flows perfectly and Lindsay's voice is one you can help but get sucked into. She has a smoothness to her writing that makes you have a little movie theater going on in your head as you go from page to page.

Lindsay has become a must read author for me and I know now I will be devouring all of her other works. Anyone who loves a nice romance that is realistic, this is the book for you. I will be surprised if anyone out there can read this and not sigh over all 3 romances that unfold.

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