Oct 12, 2014

Review -- Behind the Wooden Door

22020231Behind the Wooden Door
Author: Emily Godwin
Release Date: March 1st, 2013
Publisher: Self Published
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 174
Format: E-book, bought

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When an army of soldiers marches through her castle doors, Princess Lanie is plagued with thoughts of blood, death, and sorrow. War is something she never fathomed happening in her lifetime. Falling in love with the army's commander, Tristan, wasn't part of the plan either. He's smart-mouthed, arrogant, and everything her tyrant father would disapprove of. After all, Tristan's place is on the battlefield, not a throne.

After the kingdom's fortune teller predicts a deadly outcome, Lanie knows her secret romance is an execution waiting to happen. She has to do something - fast - because the war path has redirected toward her.

My Review:
I love the Godwin sisters. Both of them are able to write books that take my breath away and leave me wanting more!! I have already read Mutilate my Heart by Emily and I loved it. I have wanted to read this for a while, but I was on this ban of reading anything on ebook. This book was not able to be found in paperback, so sadly I didn't get a hold of it for a while. I ended up getting a kindle for my birthday and decided that I had to read this book. I was right, I don't think I could have went much further of my life without reading it!!

This book was set back towards the medieval periods I would assume. I don't remember it saying exactly when it is, but they were all on horse back and it having castles and kingdoms. To me that screams medieval, if I am wrong on the time period, i'm sorry. I'm pretty sure I've very close if not spot on though. I usually don't like historical reads or books about war, but this one was able to change my mind on both, at least for this book!

Tristan was a very strong character. I loved reading bits when he was in it. I loved watching his transformation and finding out that Lanie was not so spoiled as he thought she was. It was nice to see he figured out fast that his first impressions were very wrong. He was such a great character full of lots of love even with him being the captain of an army. He loved very many people around him and he did what he had to do to make everything alright in the end, even when you didn't see how it could end well.

Lanie was a character that I grew to love right away. She had such a hard upbringing even though she was a princess. You would think that having a king for a father would make your life be wonderful, but hers was the opposite. She was never looked at highly by her father, I had a feeling he kept her around just to find a way to use her later, marriage between kingdoms can be a very good thing and he knew it. She was so strong even when she was scared. There was so much thrown at her within a couple days but she ended up going through it all with her head held high. Even when she had full right to crumble, she found a way to keep the strength alive.

I loved Tommy, Cormac, and Hawk as well. They stood by Tristan through it all. Tommy was a wonderful brother. You could tell he was hurt that Tristan wasn't giving him much to do, but you knew that Tristan just couldn't stand to lose him. When the time came for Tommy to have something to fight for, he took the task running. I loved watching him grow throughout the pages. He became so helpful and a crutch for Lanie.

I loved all the sarcasm that went throughout the book. I am the queen of sarcasm, so be able to read my own language in a book was wonderful. it kept me smiling throughout the pages no matter what.

With all my happy stuff said, I need to say "WOW!" It has been a while since I blubber cried from a book, but this one got that reaction from me. I had to put my kindle down for a few minutes just to get the worst of the crying over with. I can't really say what happens, but I will say you will need a box of tissues for this book. It is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but it will destroy your insides as you read it. I don't regret it for one minute, but I do think I will have to limit this book on it's re-reads. My heart can only take so much!!

What does help with all the pain from the book is the epilogue. It helps you know that even though so much happened, there is always a way to make it work. No matter how things seem, there can always be a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Emily, thank you for the epilogue. It helped me learn to smile even though I still can't help but think about Lanie through all of it and what she went through to get there!! It helped me be able to not sit in a horrible book hangover, so thank you!!

This book is a nice, short read, but not short in a way that makes it seem like you didn't get anything out of it. It is a book that definitely makes my top books read for the year and is way up there on top books of all time. Anyone can enjoy this book. It being historical and having war in it, guys can definitely get into it, but the forbidden romance in it can also suck in the most hopeless romantic. I suggest all of you go get a copy on your readers and pick it up immediately, just don't forget your tissues!


  1. The cover of that book is gorgeous! Makes me want to read it just because of that! Great review too!

    1. The Godwin Sisters always have the prettiest covers, they draw you in and make you have to read them! Then their writing style keeps you turning the pages!!


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