Oct 24, 2014

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22432900Street Food and Love
Author: H.A. Enri
Release Date: July 20th, 2014
Publisher: Martin Sisters Publishing
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars
Format: e-book, received from author for an honest review
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Sole Eaby, seventeen, has a few complaints he’d like to lodge against life, the main one being that his dad, Cedro, has recently quit his job and withdrawn his entire life savings, which included Sole’s college fund. Why? To launch a food truck business he knows nothing about.

To cope, Sole uses his knifelike wit to moonlight as a stand-up comedian, and so far, it’s paying off. He’s not only replenishing his college treasury, he’s making people laugh; but it’s one person in particular he performs for. Her name is Ava. When the fated bond of humor joins the two, and they begin a sort of quasi-romance, things begin to seem somewhat bearable. Of course, that’s when an ill-timed event decides to put another spin on things. Just when Sole is ready to move on with his own life and disconnect himself from his father and the family business, he suddenly finds himself in charge of the food truck he desperately loathes. Here is where Sole must realize that the answers to love and life are not to be found apart but, rather, are more like a savory recipe: only by combining the ingredients will the wonderful flavors reveal themselves. When comedy isn’t enough, the future seems ever bleak, and a fledgling love has barely had a chance to bloom, where will Sole turn?


My Review:
Sole Eaby is a teenager that is trying to make it in comedy. It is a little hard for him to do so when he is always helping out his father run the food truck that he bought. Did I mention that his dad spend his college money on the food truck?? Any kid would be angry for this to happen. Now, how does he end up handling it?

Sole was a character I didn't like very much at first. He was getting on about his dad being super selfish, but I find that Sole was the exact same way. He did only what he wanted, no matter who it hurt along the way. I was a little slow to get into the book for this reason. With that stated, he didn't stay that way the whole time. He was a character that finally blossomed at the end and became a character I enjoyed following. He had a lot of things to fix due to his actions and I think he ended up doing all that well :)

Ava was a main female character in the book. I really enjoyed her. I liked how honest she was, but she did it in a way that wasn't rude or hurtful. She just didn't keep secrets. She told you about her in anyway you wanted to know and it was up to you to decide whether you accepted her or not.

Cedro was a lot like Sole. He was always taking things out on Sole, granted Sole didn't help any, and I didn't like it. I know they were both being stubborn but Sole was also just a kid, he had some learning to do. Cedro seemed to want to be a dad only when it was convenient, but when something big happens to Cedro he gets to look into his soul and do some good thinking. He, like Sole, comes around and gets to be a person that makes you smile.

As I stated before, the book started off a little slow. I was annoyed by Sole for a big part of it, but I had a feeling it was a book that would all wrap up nicely and that is exactly what happened. Things were all figured out and you got to watch not only Sole and Cedro grow, you got to watch all of the characters do so. I like when books have secondary characters that are also a big help within the book get to grow too. There are a couple loose ends but in a way that I think anyone could work it all out :)

I used to watch food truck shows, so that is the main thing that made me want to read this book. I very much enjoyed watching the business blossom and hearing about the other trucks. Anyone who likes watching food truck shows or cooking in general will enjoy this book, it was definitely a factor that sucked me into the pages.

This book is very honest and Sole has you laughing with a lot of the jokes he pops out. I didn't understand all the jokes, but I got most of them. But that is comedy for you. No one out there is going to get every single joke that is put out into the world. But the ones that I did get were extremely funny and had me smiling as I read along. It was refreshing to read a book that made me laugh.

I would give the first half of the book a 2, sorry, I know this a tour, but I want to explain. I told you that it was very slow and Sole really bothered me. When the book finally started turning around and it all made sense, the book easily got a 5, it just takes a little while. I think if I re-read the book now I would understand the beginning a lot better too. I feel like this is a book that you would benefit by reading it more than once. I ended up giving the book a 3.5 rating when I averaged the two scores together!


About the Author

H.A.’s love for all things caffeinated is what keeps him awake and alert so he can pursue that glorious tyrant called Nostalgia. And after all, isn’t that what provokes most adult authors to write stories about the teenage years they long ago left behind (referring to Nostalgia, not the caffeine…he hopes)? When he isn’t writing, H.A. can be found quaffing coffee (Yes, he might be addicted–don’t judge) reading, riding his bike, snapping photos, making music, working on his theory of everything, and, on rare occasions, attempting to discover the elusive, and maybe impossible, secret to time travel. H.A. lives in So Cal. Street Food and Love is H.A.’s first novel.


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