Sep 15, 2014

Memory Lane Monday #25 -- Review -- American Girl on Saturn by Nikki Godwin

This is a new weekly meme that Kristalyn over at The Sarcastic Palmtree and I, Amber at Paradise of Pages, came up with. We have been wanting to re-read some of our favorites but feel overwhelmed by all the other new books coming out that our re-reads get put to the side. That is how we came up with this meme, we decided we don't want to put them aside anymore, so we will be taking turns putting up our reviews on the re-reads we do throughout the month. This does not mean we won't keep up with recent releases as well, it just means we will make more time for those we have read before as well.


So here is how this meme will work:

  • Each week the co-hosts will trade off with recapping when it is a re-read or what they have heard so far about the book and the other co-host will put up their review. 
  •  The participants can read anything that they remember reading in the past, or something that they have wanted to read that has been around for a while and just haven't gotten around to reading it yet for whatever reason. 
  • Participants can decide if they want to recap the book before reading it or just put up a review of what they read. 
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21949375American Girl on Saturn
Author: Nikki Godwin
Release Date: July 1st, 2009
Publisher: Self Published
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 341
Format: Kindle Ebook

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The summer after graduation is supposed to be that first real taste of freedom - but not for eighteen-year-old Chloe Branson. Just as that breeze of freedom is making its way into her galaxy, her secret-service-agent dad drops a meteor-sized bomb of bad news on her and her sisters. An attempt has been made on the lives of Canadian boyband, Spaceships Around Saturn, during their USA tour, and the guys have to go into hiding ASAP. The only problem? In the midst of the crisis and media frenzy, their dad volunteered to hide the their house.

Six-year-old Emery is as ecstatic as any self-proclaimed Saturnite would be, but Chloe and her seventeen-year-old sister Aralie watch their summer plans crash and burn like a falling star. The SAS guys aren't happy with the situation, either. Bad boy Jules picks fights with Aralie about everything from his Twitter followers to his laundry, and heart-throb Benji can't escape Emery's fangirlisms for more than three minutes.

But after the super-cute Milo kisses Chloe during a game of hide-and-seek, she finally understands what Emery means when she talks about SAS being "out of this world." If this is what Saturn feels like, Chloe doesn't want to come back to Earth.

My Review:

Read my recap for this book Here.

I swear I just can't get enough of Nikki's writing. I have read all of her books that are out so far and I am finding I am drawn to re-read all of them. This is the first one that I have re-read of her books and I find that I have loved it even more than I did the first time around.

I was able to remember parts of the book from before. I already told ya guys in my recap what I remembered of it. I felt this time around though that I was able to pull even more from the book. I picked up on stuff that I missed the first time around. Nikki is a genius in the way that she can put hidden messages all throughout the pages. It is obvious now that the more you re-read her, the more you will get.

The Godwin sisters are also masters of plugging all their books together. The first time I read this, I had no idea the boy that was missing in the first of this book was a part of Emily's book, Mutilate my Heart. This time I was like "OMG!! I GET IT NOW!!" I loved being able to put them all together, it made me connect to the book even more.

All of the characters have their own personalities. It is so nice to read a book that has characters that all have personalities. Most books put all these characters down for filler, but then don't give anything to them, they are boring and lifeless. This book is not like that. All the band members, all of the branson family, and even some of the staff on both the band and the family have personality.

I loved the dynamic of the family. This doesn't just mean the Branson's, I also feel like the band Spaceships Around Saturn also were their own family. They were all close, even if some connected a little more to the other. I love my family and would do anything for them just as they would in the book. It is so nice to see that in a book.

The book is of course set in the Branson home. Since the band is on lockdown, there isn't anywhere else they can go. You get to follow the activities of all of them throughout the lockdown and then get to see how it all ends up after they have to leave. You get to witness the good, the bad, the happy, the sad.

I definitely connected with Chloe. I felt like she was a lot like me when I was that age. I was very conservative and I was picked on for it. No matter how much of a wonderful person you are, most in schools will take your weakness of being sweet and innocent and run with it. As Chloe finds out, no matter how nice you are, you tend to end up being the target even when it doesn't make sense. She had her breakdown moments, but she came out of them quickly and kept her head up even when it was hard to do.

Milo....sigh. He is definitely the one I would end up with if I was a Branson sister. He has my personality type. he is serious most of the time but in a sweet way but he can also be a goof ball. He also would do anything for his "brothers". I love that trait in any man when they have such a big heart. No one is perfect, even Milo made his mistakes, but he did what he could to man up and fix it!

Noah was also one of my favorites. He seemed like he could be my best friend. He was a goof ball but very trustworthy. I loved that even though Milo was like a brother to him, he wasn't afraid to call him out on his mistakes. I can't wait to eventually get to the book that follows him!

And the last person that I want to shout out at is Emery. She was hilarious. For her being 5/6, she sure was smart and attentive. She realized things going on but kept it a secret for almost 3 weeks, which is a task I can tell you for that age. I work with them everyday, they blab anything out!! I also love how she speaks her mind, she tells you how it is and what she wants. She reminds me of my adoptive niece, Ainsley. They both have such wonderful personalities, that even though they are crazy, you can't help but love them!!I loved Emery's mastermind schemes that she went on and how most of the times she was able to get away with them or shock people that she could come up with such a thing. I wish I was as clever as her when I was little!

This book was such a refreshing treat, even though I knew what was coming! I fell in love with it all over again. It is a book that I know now matter how many times I re-read it, I will still love it and smile when it ends.


We will be back next week with our review or recap!

What about you? What do you remember about the time that you read this book/series?

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  1. This almost makes me wish I hadn't let Meaghan do it for MLM and I would have done it instead. This book is so much fun. I adore it almost as much as CFD. Awesome review girlfriend!


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