Aug 12, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday -- Top Ten Books I'm Not Sure I Want To Read

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I have quite a few books that I know I have seen around that I don't think I want to read, no matter the attention they are getting. I don't know why, but they just don't seem to stand out to me. I did that with the Hunger Games though and ended up loving that trilogy. So I try to force myself to read outside my box in hopes that I will love it, despite my reservations at first.

Top Ten Books I'm Not Sure I Want To Read

1. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 
by Ransom Riggs

I don't know what it is about this book that makes me not want to get anywhere near it. I haven't heard even one bad thing about this book, but for some reason I just can't seem to even give it a chance. Plus the cover has this weird Blair Witch thing going on, I think it is just too creepy for my reading preference.

2. The Darkest Minds
by Alexandra Bracken

I see this book around all over, so many good things about it, but it just doesn't sounds like it would be a good book, but the reviews on it beg to differ. I WANT to want to read it, but I just don't seem to have that drive for it. I have it on my TBR list and I am sure I might get around to it after a while, just to finally give it a chance, but I don't want to pick it up. I am hoping all the reserves will one day be for nothing and I will love it just like everyone else.

3. A Game of Thrones
by George R.R. Martin

One thing leaving me from reading these books is the size of the books. I mean Jeebus, they are huge. That isn't the only reason, I have heard so much about the rapes that happen to the women in the book and how women are treated horribly. I know this is set in a different time, but I still don't want to read about rape, no matter what time it happens in.

4. Dead Until Dark
by Charlaine Harris

I have a cousin who went through a huge vampire phase. While she was in it, she devoured these books and has recommended them to me more times than I can even count, but for some reason I just can't seem to bring myself to read them. I even watched an episode of True Blood to ask myself what I was even watching. I decided then that I would never end up reading these books, no matter how many people tell me to.

5. Eragon
by Christopher Paolini

I have had these books on my shelves for a while, I have all 4 of them actually. I have wanted to read these for a while, well I tell myself I want to. But when I even glance at them as a possible read, I quickly tell myself no. Besides buying them, I haven't wanted to actually read them for a long time. I hope one day my mind will change, but I just don't seem to have the drive to give them a chance. Maybe I need to just pass them on and let someone else love on them since I haven't been.

6. Uglies
by Scott Westerfeld

This is another one that so many people love. It's been years since they came out, but people still rave about them just as much today as they did when they first came out. I read the synopsis a lot trying to see if I missed something that might make me change my mind, but it just doesn't suck me in. I think I will just have to force myself to try it one day and hope for the best.

7. The Chronicles of Narnia
by C.S. Lewis

This one is the type of book that I think would be just too slow for me to read. I watched the movies and enjoyed them, but I could see that they had a lot of time in between the climatic scenes. I am scared the books will have even more down time and get me bored as I read.

8. The Fellowship of the Ring
by J.R.R. Tolkien

I have wanted to try out these books for a while, but as above, I think I will be bored in them. They seem so long and drawn out and I hear a lot of people say the movies are slow too. I've never watched the movies to even have an idea, but for some reason they still interest me a little bit. But when I go to even pick up the first book, my head tells myself to use the money on a book I will actually read. I do believe I will buy it and it will sit on my shelf for years and years and I might go my whole life without reading it.

9. Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen

If there is ever a book I am told to read, it is this one. I just don't really like classics. Some will slide past me and I will give them a chance, but I just don't see me getting into this one. I'm not into this type of historical read. If I read Jane, I want to read her when I actually want to. I am hoping as I get older that will change, but for right now, I have no desire to come anywhere near this book. I don't want to force myself to read this and have a bad attitude as I read it. (I'm very sorry!)

10. The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

This is another classic that so many out there love. I even thought hey, I will watch the movie that just came out to get an idea on the book. The movie seemed horribly depressing as well as weird in a way. It just seems to different for me to enjoy. I liked the time era it was in, but the rest of it just baffled me. I don't see me wanting to actually read that in a book. I might be wrong, and the book might be so much better, but now I am very scared to even try it.


 Well, that's my list for the week! Hope you all enjoy! 

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  1. Ohh the True Blood TV show vs Southern Vampire books debate. I love the show, and I’ve read all the books, but… Ok… honest version? I prefer the TV show. The first 7 or 8 books were really good (book 4 was my personal favourite), but then I thought the series took a swift nose-dive for the worse around book ten / eleven. Don’t even get me started on the last two books! I’d be complaining all day! I don’t regret reading the series; I just disliked the outcome and how it was handled ;-)

    Alma @ Journey Through Fiction

  2. Well the only one I read was Dead Until Dark. I liked it! I really enjoyed the series up to a point. They were a mystery series in the beginning but that changed at a point and then the series went down hill a bit. But I don't blame you for not wanting to try them out. Although True Blood went in their own direction with the series so don't think that the show is what the books were all about. Season 1 was really the only one that stayed close to the book, but added a ton of sex. As HBO was wont to do!

    Read Gatsby is high school but never figured out why people loved it. I hated it. I don't even remember what all really happened. That's par for the course of a lot of books I had to read in high school English, I blame it on my wanting paranormal reads and finding so very little of them at the time!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Ah Miss Peregrine's and Uglies are also on my list! I loved Game of Thrones but I have to admit it's not for everyone. It takes me months to read each book. Ugh.

  4. I read Uglies AGES ago. I should MLM them! Miss Peregrine's creeps me the crap out! I don't think that is one I will ever try it just because of that cover! *shivers*. Eragon has been staring me down for years as well!

  5. Miss Peregrine was a DNF for me. It was weird and I didn't like it. I think this is the third TTT post in a row that has mentioned The Darkest Minds. I really liked that book, but I haven't read the second one yet.

    I only watched a couple of episodes of True Blood because I didn't like it, but it's very different than the books. I liked the books -- the ones I read -- a lot more. I kind of got burned out on them and didn't finish the series.

    I listened to the audiobooks of the Uglies series and loved them.


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