Jun 12, 2014

Movie Review -- The Fault in our Stars

As you all know, I LOVED The Fault in our Stars book. I didn't read it forever because of the hype and it not sounding like my kind of read, but I decided to give it a shot. I loved it. I cried more from this book alone than probably all my other books combined.

As I went into the movie, I was hoping that I would be okay since I already knew what was coming. I was incorrect on that thinking. I used up half a box of tissues from about half way into the movie until the end. I made it through some of the first sad parts but couldn't hold out after all.

They did a great job on the characters. Isaac cracked me up. He made me laugh through most of the movie with the way he was. The guy who played him was awesome.

I was a little worried about the characters for Gus and Hazel. I like both of them, but they were brother and sister in Divergent, so I didn't know if I could get that out of my head. I easily did. He played a much better Gus than he did Caleb. I was sucked into the two of them and kept wanting to smack Hazel around just like I did in the book. Not in a bad way, I understand her reasonings for all that she does. She has a hard life and I know it is hard on everyone around her. They all love her though and wouldn't change it for the world just like I know I wouldn't in that situation either.

The movie follows the book for the most part. There are some small things here or there, but I am assuming since John Green was on the actual set through most of the filming, he made sure it stayed on track. It was such a relief to know that it stayed so close to the original story line. It would have ruined it if it changed too much.

They capture all the emotions wonderfully. The love, the anger, the pain (both emotional and physical). I could ride the rollercoaster throughout the whole thing.

If you weren't sure how you would feel about this movie, definitely go out and watch it. It is well worth the money to go see it. Make sure you bring some tissues with you. 5 out of 5 stars!


  1. Ah, I'm posting my review tomorrow! I loved it so much I saw it twice! Also, I love your layout :) Great review! ttys!


    1. I would love to go watch it again. I have a feeling I will go again this weekend to cry all over again!!!


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