Apr 30, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday

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Guy in Real Life
By: Steve Brezenoff
Release Date: May 27th, 2014

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From the acclaimed author of Brooklyn, Burning comes Guy in Real Life, an achingly real and profoundly moving love story in the vein of Rainbow Rowell and John Green, about two Minnesota teens whose lives become intertwined through school, role-playing games, and a chance two-a.m. bike accident.

It is Labor Day weekend in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and boy and girl collide on a dark street at two thirty in the morning: Lesh, who wears black, listens to metal, and plays MMOs; Svetlana, who embroiders her skirts, listens to Björk and Berlioz, and dungeon masters her own RPG. They should pick themselves up, continue on their way, and never talk to each other again.

But they don't.

This is a story of two people who do not belong in each other's lives, who find each other at a time when they desperately need someone who doesn't belong in their lives. A story of those moments when we act like people we aren't in order to figure out who we are. A story of the roles we all play-at school, at home, with our friends, and without our friends-and the one person who might show us what lies underneath it all.


  1. This one looks so good! I've been wanting to read it as well.

  2. I don't read a lot of contemporary books but if I do it would probably be Rainbow Rowels and John Greens books. So if this one is compared to their writing, then I'm sure it's gotta be good. Coming out in May, so you don't have that much longer to wait. Plus it'll be a good summer read :) Thanks for sharing! xoxo
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  3. I've seen this around lately. It sounds like it could be really cute! I hope you enjoy it :)

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  4. Seeing this around lately too! Not sure it's my kind of read but hope you love it!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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