Mar 23, 2014

Movie Review -- Divergent

I read this trilogy a couple months ago. I flew through all three of them. I even cried harder than I have in a long time to the final book in the series. The author definitely knows how to hit your heart.

This being a movie based on a book, I had to go see it. I also was scared. There are so many movies that have been coming out that have just ruined the books. They are so different they might as well change the name of the movie. This movie is not one of those.

There is definitely differences from the book, but most of them weren't bad. and it is still very very close to the original story line. I think this is because the author actually helped produce this movie instead of just giving up the rights and letting the producer have a hayday on the books. 

The ending is different. It still ends up the same way, but the way it happened was different. I don't know how I feel about it yet. I mean it worked in the movie, but I also very much enjoyed the ending of the book as well. 

Also, there wasn't much Edward in this movie. I was really hoping to see the scene that happened with him and Peter, but it wasn't there and really there was no Edward either. I was also disappointed to not see Uriah either. I think they show him at a time or two but never even introduce him as a person in the movie. I hope to see more of him in the next movie.

That is really all I have to complain about with this movie. The rest of it was fantastic. I was so scared about who they cast for Tris, but she ended up pulling it off nicely. She captured her spirit very well, so props to Shailene for winning me over. I was also shocked at how good Four was. He is British, but he didn't show his accent at all. Heck, he did an American accent better than I do, and I'm from the US. He looks so much older when he has a beard, so I was a little worried about him looking too old, but when he shaves, he looks much much younger. He is also very cute and played the part well.

Favorite part of the movie for me, I know I know, was the kissing scene. I was kinda worried about how they would pull it off. After the fiasco in the City of Bones movie for their kissing scene and song choice, I was scared this one would be butchered as well. It was quite the opposite. It seemed so realistic that I would have swore they were really kissing to kiss and didn't know the camera was even there. It is very rare to see that sort of chemistry for me in kissing scenes, but they did it wonderfully. I had a smile on my face afterwards.

They captured all of the characters nicely. Christina was as snarky as ever. Tris was very much her usual badass self. Four gave off his God like appearance. Jeannine being played by Kate Winslet was a little weird. I'm so used to seeing her with brown hair, that is was difficult to remember it was Kate playing the character. She played her well. They changed her personality a little bit, but the acting on her was still good.

I loved this movie and know I will most likely be going again next week by myself to enjoy it all over again. I hope you all go to see it and love it just as much as I do. They did a wonderful job and is definitely worth the trip to your nearest movie theater! 

Wonderful Movie!! 

If you have yet to see the movie and would like to see the trailer, watch the video below!

What did you all think of the movie?? 

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