Mar 20, 2014

Life of a Blogger -- Travel

This is a weekly feature done on Thursdays by Novel Heartbeat. There is a new Topic each week that will let us tell a little bit about our lives. These posts are non-bookish, and more personal. Here's to getting to know each other :)

Now for this week's topic...


I wasn't sure if this meant places traveled or places I want to travel. I decided to make it places I want to travel to. I decided to do my top 5 places. These aren't in any order. I just threw them down below.

1. Japan
I've always wanted to go here since I was a little girl. I loved Anime growing up and I am still very fascinated with the culture in this country.

2. Jamaica
I love reggae music and there just is something that has always drawn me to this island. The culture on the island seems to be amazing and I would love to experience it.

3. France
I used to not understand this country. But after I have spent time researching it and starting to learn how to speak it, I have learned so much. Between Ratatouille and Julie & Julia, I just have to go there. But I made a promise to be fluent in French before I go. I am now obsessed, I have been buying so much stuff with anything French on it.

4. Africa
I have loved the plains of Africa. I would love to do a safari one day and go help out some of the tribes out there that could use some help. I would love to be able to bring food over there and do anything I can to help anyone out. The country seems like it would be beautiful and untouched still by technology. That is a great thing :)

5. Australia
I was obsessed with Steve Irwin for years, I still love him. I have many books on him and several of his DVDs. I also love sharks and have always wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef. So between the two of those, this is a country that is a must for me to visit.


Well, that's what I have this week!
What did you guys write about??


  1. These are all places that I've always wanted to go to as well! Except for Australia of course since I'm a proud Aussie haha! However, I need to go visit the Great Barrier Reef one day. >< I really wanted to do this week's topic but I think I might have to push it to Monday or Tuesday. I'll see. :D

    1. I wish I was from Australia!! You definitely need to go to the reef!! You are right there!! But I can't say much because I am in the US and I have yet to really visit anything worthwhile.

  2. I would love to go to Australia but, here's the thing . . . I am so scared of spiders! Lol, I know it sounds ridiculous. But I actually have this beyond paralysing fear of them. When I was younger I'd have fits and breathing attacks and everything. Even money spiders.

    It sucks because Australia looks so AMAZING, but seriously, I could not be dealing with their spiders haha

    1. I am not afraid of spiders, but I do understand the fear. I am that way with needles. I hate going to the doctor for anything, even if it is a must, because I don't want a shot or IV. So i can see the fear you have and totally understand. Maybe one day it will get a little better for you and you can go visit Aussie too :)


Comments are loved and appreciated :) Thanks in advance!!