Mar 30, 2014

HarryPotter-A-Thon Wrap-Up

I decided to join Nadia at Nadia Reads in her HarryPotter-a-thon! She is doing weekly updates of her progress and I really wanted to be able to tell you about my updates too :)

This is my last week of doing this HarryPotter-A-Thon. I had so much fun and am so proud of myself. :) I never thought I could get all of this done plus almost all of the movies in a month!!

I have completed:

Movies watched:

Have you done this HarryPotter-a-thon? 
If so, let me know how you have finished it up :)


  1. Congraaats!!!! You really have done amazing! I've never read those extra books? Did you read them for the first time? Were they good? Again, great job on reading all of the books in one month! Woohoo!

    1. It was my first time reading the extra books. They were on sale on Amazon so I figured I needed them. They were great. It really made me love the series even more. you should definitely read them too!


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