Feb 13, 2014

Review -- Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter

17300167Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter
Author: Mary E. Twomey
Release Date: November 15th, 2012
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Pages: 158
Format: Paperback, Bought

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Best friends Jack and Yani do everything together. After Yani's thirtieth birthday party, however, she decides to leave town on a spontaneous vacation to visit all the sites of the young adult fiction novels she loves, hoping that when she returns, she'll have buried the secret flame she has for Jack. 

Forced by his friends to go on a road trip to track down Yani, Jack learns a lot about his best friend by reading the novels she's been obsessed with. From vampire hunting in Forks to searching for wizards in Florida, Jack confronts his greatest fears -that he just might love Harry Potter...and perhaps, Yani.

My Review:
I have to start here saying when I saw a book that followed someone that is taking a trip to see YA book places, such as Forks because of Twilight, and Florida for Harry Potter things, I HAD to read it. I also laughed when I got the book in. At first glance you would think it is just a sticker on the cover that says over 4.5 Million Sold, but when you look underneath it, it has "to your mom" in parentheses, it definitely bad me laugh pretty good. I fell in love with the story even before I read it for this reason.

This is the trip of Jack, who is forced by his friends to try to track down Yani on her book trip. Along the way Yani and Jack both find out more about themselves and each other than they ever knew. They thought they already knew each other as well as themselves, but they found out they were very wrong about that. Now they both have to find out...... is it too late?

Coming from someone who has read most of the things that have been mentioned, Twilight and Harry Potter, I really enjoyed getting to re-live them again. I liked learning more about the books. I do have to admit though that I forgot about the Harry Potter park in Orlando, Florida. I have been to it and loved it, but I mind-blanked when I was like why would she go to Florida for wizards. I wanted to smack myself when I found out. She also visits New Orleans for Anne Rice, but I sadly have yet to read anything by her. This is something that I need to change.

I love the friendships in this book. They have such a close-nit group of friends that you might as well call family. I loved how they picked on each other and were all there for each other no matter what. Even ones that have a family and kids were there to ride along to help Jack hunt Yani down. It was such a nice thing. I wish I had friends here that I could do that with, but sadly I don't really. All mine are scattered between Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Mississippi. Though one of those might be moving by me soon :) I would still go on a road trip for any of them. This book definitely values close friendships, I loved it. All the friends are so different yet, at the same time, they are the same. I like seeing the differences and how they all use those to mend together.

This book is scattered all over the United States. We follow Yani all over trying to find out where she is. The book gets both sides, as it is in 3rd person. Some paragraphs are following Yani and what she is going through, then you are back in the SUV with Jack and his friends.

I very much enjoyed this book. I loved watching the story unfold and getting surprises along the way. I smiled through most of the reading I did. I even stayed up past my bed time just so I could finish this because there was no way I could leave the book for the night with only 20 pages left. This is definitely a story for any of us YA lovers out there. I know all of us would love to take a trip like this and it has me wanting to do it even more now! I know because of this book, a Twilight and Harry Potter re-read is definitely in the works now!!

Loved It!!

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