Feb 8, 2014

Movie Review -- Vampire Academy

I read this entire series within a couple weeks. I was addicted. I loved every bit of it. I never thought I would enjoy it, but with it being a present from my boyfriend for my birthday, I decided to give it a shot. After the books were devoured I knew I had to watch the movie when I heard they were making one!!

They did no disappoint. After watching the City of Bones movie, I was very afraid of this movie. I was afraid they would butcher it as bad as they did City of Bones. I still decided to give it a chance. I am so glad I did. It was wonderful. I wanted to go buy another ticket for the next showing and watch it all over again.

I think they did a great job on Rose. They made the characters appear to be the height that they are portrayed as in the books. Rose was her usual sarcastic self. The character choice at first had me a little iffy, but after watching it, she was perfect for the job. She pulled out all of the characteristics of Rose as well as some that weren't obvious to her character but fit. The humor she puts into the character too keeps you laughing throughout the movie, but not in a way that ruins the whole story.

Christian had a bit of an Edward Cullen (Rob Patterson) look going on, but it weirdly worked. I liked the character and the way he was. I also liked him in the books and felt sorry for him most of the time. I am glad you got to feel that sympathy in this movie as well.

Lissa was also a rather good character. she came across a little more drama-ish in the movie, but hey, that is still okay. She doesn't quite look like I expected, but she was close enough. It was nice to see the pain she has from her family.

Then there is Dimitri....TEAM DIMITRI!!  I loved him so much in the books. I was a little disappointed with him in the movie. I pictured him a lot skinner and taller and lankier. He also didn't have the hard accent from Siberia that I was expecting. He had a slight one, but I expected one that was a lot thicker. The actor in the movie seems a little chunky and short. He didn't disappoint with his personality though. He was great with his facial expressions throughout the movie to really let you know what is going on in his head. His chemistry with Rose was very apparent so I was happy. I was so scared that they wouldn't get the feeling between the two characters right, but they surprised me and nailed it.

I want to re-read the books all over again so I can get back into their world. I am sure I will end up going to watch this movie a few more times while it is still in the theaters. I absolutely loved it. They made up for my depression from City of Bones and went above and beyond in my mind of what I wanted. I am so glad that they kept to the story of the book. There were a few small changes here or there, but they kept pretty true to the story line. It was such a relief. 

I hope all of you guys rush out to go see this, you won't be sorry that you did!! It's worth the time and money for sure!!

Wonderful Movie!! 

If you have yet to see the movie and would like to see the trailer, watch the video below!

What did you all think of the movie?? 


  1. I SO want to see this!! I'm really excited that the movie lived up to the books!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I was expecting it to be terrible because the trailer looked so mean girls-esque but I actually enjoyed it! I have my issues with it but it stayed very true to the book! Rose was PERFECT. I loved Christian as well. Howeverrrr, I do have a problem with Dimitri. I just pictured him differently. Less... chunky? I don't know. Even though I didn't picture him like that, I did have a few instances between them that made me want to girly flail - (him picking her up at the end, calling her "roza") so I give them that.

    1. that is exactly how I felt too! I loved Rose and I even liked Christian even with the Edward look going on. Dimitri was blah for me. I did love the Roza part too! Maybe he will grow on both of us!!

    2. So last night I started rereading VA (haha) and I figured it out!! I pictured him as really really tall and I wanted my heart to skip and jump when I saw him on screen -- didn't happen. But like you said, maybe he'll grow on us. :)

    3. It doesn't help I looked up pictures of Dimitri after I finished the series and the person a lot of people put for him looks a whole lot better. He is the one that makes my heart skip a beat. I'll put it on twitter and tag you so you can see it :)

  3. Ah you're so much better than I am, I am still working on getting mine up! Loved it, it was awesome!

    1. I couldn't stop thinking about it yesterday. heck, I even dreamt about it. So I figured since I couldn't get it out of my mind, it would be the best time to write it up and get it posted. I can't wait to read yours!! Hurry up, lol!!


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