Feb 27, 2014

Life of a Blogger -- Guilty Pleasures

This is a weekly feature done on Thursdays by Novel Heartbeat. There is a new Topic each week that will let us tell a little bit about our lives. These posts are non-bookish, and more personal. Here's to getting to know each other :)

I came across this post last week and absolutely had to do it. Since I already had a post put up for that Thursday, I decided to hold out and do it this week for you all. I am so excited to do it and have more personal topics coming out for you all! I hope you guys decide to jump in and do it too!

Now for this week's topic...

Guilty Pleasures

I know this is going to make me sound horrible, but I love taking a container of store bought icing, putting it in the fridge, and letting it get cold. When it is cold, it turns to the consistency of ice cream. So when I am had a hard day or are feeling emotional that day, I go to the fridge, grab out of my container, get a spoon, and just eat. 

I know we aren't supposed to pick things that are reading related, but this week I just couldn't leave reading out. I read all the time. Some days I take a break, but I have been known to push people away just so I can finish my book. If I am sucked in and someone wants me to do something and stop reading, I get really cranky. My poor boyfriend thinks I do it to avoid him sometimes. You all know though, I am sure, that if you get sucked into a book, there is just no stopping it.

*Video Games*
I haven't been playing them so much recently, but I used to be addicted. I played World of Warcraft for years and years. It sucked away a big part of my life, though I don't regret it. I only stopped playing it because it was an addiction and my computer broke. I decided to use the distraction of the computer being broken to fix my life. I still play on my PS3 from time to time, but nothing can keep me contained like WoW did. I miss it everyday, but I know it is best for me to not play it.

*One Direction*
I feel guilty sometimes that I love this band so much. I have their binders and stickers, trading cards, all their CDs. I don't have any T-shirts yet, but that is because I haven't been able to find the right one. When I do, I will snatch it up for sure. I have had their new CD, Midnight Memories, in my CD player since Black Friday and I listen to it everyday. I try to turn on my iPod sometimes, but I just end up switching it back to my CD. I feel guilty because I am older and have a long-term relationship going on, yet I still have a crush on a boy band. I still listen to them and embrace that I like them, but sometimes I get embarrassed when I have to admit it to others of my obsession.

*Girly Movies*
Just like the icing above, when I have a bad day, I curl up with my icing and a girly movie. My top 3 picks are usually Pitch Perfect, Julie & Julia, and Letters to Juliet. If I am ever emotional, those are the 3 that I always pick. I keep them in their own special stack by my TV for anytime I need to get my fix!

This has become a recent thing. I didn't really care about Fae until the past couple years. I never knew much about them recently. But now I have been reading multiple books about Faeries, and I am sucked in hardcore to the stories. Most books I can stop reading, but anything about Faeries, I am sucked in until I can finish the books that are in the series. Wings by Aprilynne Pike and The Iron Fey have majorly sucked me in. I even have Nymphalem as my PS3 name which means Faery in Latin. I've been trying to hide it for a while, but I just can't do it anymore. I'm obsessed with the Fae.


Well, that's what I have this week!
What did you guys write about??


  1. Great list. I mainly stuck to food stuff. :)

    1. I'm actually the weird one that doesn't have much to do with guilty things with food. I eat pretty healthy...besides the icing, lol.


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