Feb 22, 2014

Discussion -- Hardcopy vs. e-book

I am a girl who has trouble with this topic. In my mind, the e-books make more sense. You can carry around your whole bookshelf on a small little device, you can switch books as much as you want, you don't have to worry about bookmarks, and you can buy new books without leaving your house. The convenience for reading is unmatchable.

Then there are hard copies of books. they weigh a lot when you try to move them, you can only carry so many at a time so you don't wrinkle the covers or dust jackets. They are more pricey and they take up so much room.

With that all said, I see the pro's and con's of the book world. But I just can't help it, I love hard copies of books. I love the smell of them, I love how pretty they are on my shelf. I love picking out a new bookmark for each book I read. (I have a lot of them, I trade them out after each book.) I also love the idea that if the internet/technology ever crashes, I will still have my books to read. I also love the fact of keeping my books in the family. Able to hand them out and pass them on to future generations.

I have had two different Kindle devices, first I had the original Kindle with the keyboard on it, then for Christmas a couple years ago, I got a Kindle Fire. I bought a couple books on each of them and tried to get into the electronic reading, but I just can't seem to do it. I read the whole trilogy of the Hunger Games on my first kindle, but I ended up loving it so much I ran out and bought the box set anyway. So to me I end up spending more money anyway because I am now buying two of everything.

I do still however use my iPad and the Kindle app that I have on it, to read my review copies. Most authors, especially indie authors, only have ecopies to give out for review, they don't have paper copies for me to be able to read them. So for some I am stuck reading them on my iPad. I have to rotate books because of this, because I just can't read several at a time because of my eyes. The screen tends to give me a horrible headache when I read on it.

I also hate the idea of bookstores going away. If people read nothing buy e-books, I think stores, even big ones like Barnes and Noble, will be forced to shut down just because of no one buying them. I love being able to walk into a store and browse the shelves. You just don't get that same feeling when you search for books online.

I wish there was a way you could buy a papercopy of a book and get a digital code to read the book on a device too. Kind of like the DVDs now do. That way I could still have the copy on my shelf, but I could have the convenience of reading them on a small device that is easier to hold. I would for sure buy me a paper display Kindle so that way it wouldn't hurt my eyes.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Hardcopy vs. E-book debate!!
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  1. I was pumped to see your post, Amber, because I was *just* thinking of writing one on this topic! I was going to call my post "Let's Get Physical: Paper vs Ebooks." Maybe I'll do one next month so I don't overlap with your post too much! But, honestly, I'd be saying pretty much what you are.

    I do have a Nook and I just (today) ordered a Kindle Paperwhite (or w/e it's called), but I only really use it for e-arcs or if there is a really cheap ebook that I've been meaning to check out (like those $2.99 deals). Otherwise, I like having a finished paper copy. I have stacks of books everywhere and moving is a huge pain (people that know how many bks I have no longer want to help me - haha - good thing I have lots of siblings!), but they look so lovely and I love to loan them to people. And, I totally agree about having them to keep in the family and hand down. I just cannot imagine having only an ereader... I would miss my books terribly.

    Also, I manage and indie bookstore, so I generally avoid buying books on Amazon... since Amazon is pretty much destroying small stores like mine. I feel really bad about buying a Kindle, but e-readers are the only way I can access most of the review copies... reading on my laptop is too difficult. There really is no comparison between a small town bookstore and Amazon. Bookstores keep money in the community, give back to the area, employ locals, have better customer service (or they should!), etc.

    If paper books are going to go away, I truly happen it's after my lifetime!

    Great post!

  2. I definitely am a big supporter of buying physical books. They are basically my go-to copies. I have requirements for both though. I usually decide to buy an ebook if I'm gambling on a book and/or it's on sale or super cheap (I have a bunch I bought while they were only a couple of dollars waiting to be read). Or if I REALLY need a book fast and I already have the first book as a ebook (i.e. Unhinged). Of course, I like all of my series to match so for example, The One will be acquired as an ebook since the first two are digital copies.

    For physical books, I tend to buy novels I'm already interested in and certain that I'll like. I don't gamble as much with them.

    I HAVE bought doubles of some books or plan to someday. Sometimes it's because of the cover. Sometimes it's because I love the series/book THAT MUCH (i.e. The Lunar Chronicles). I have bought books even though I read them as eARCs because I want to support the author that way. Also, nothing beats holding a book and I don't want bookstores like B&N to go out of business.

  3. Oh Amber....you know I'm a kindle girl! Beighley has become so addicted to his Kindle I now actually have all of Cassandra Claire's books, Vampire Academy and TONS of others on there (we split the cost between us) that I already have in hard back. Honestly, the thing I miss most about books is that I love to read in the tub and I won't take my kindle in there with me for obvious reasons. LOL! I do still like to read physical books and I like having physical copies of books that I love dearly but honestly, I don't think I would have ever started my blog without my kindle because that's were I discovered indie publishing which was a big factor in me getting started. I love you discussion topics! Thanks for another great post!


  4. I just got a kindle and I'm loving it - I can have so many books with me when I'm walking around. It also helps to read all those e-arcs and indie books that aren't available in print. I agree with everyone that physical books are better, but I hardly ever buy books in general - I'm a library kind of girl. I only buy books that I've already read and loved or books by an author/in a series I really like. Physical books are also much better for sharing - I'm not about to lend my kindle to my friends for weeks at a time haha
    I guess I like both, but for different reasons. E-books are growing on me, but paper books are here to stay.

    Kritika @ Snowflakes & Spider Silk


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