Feb 15, 2014

Discussion: Author Friendships

When I first started a blog years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I just put up reviews and tried to make friends with some of the bloggers on the other blogs. We sat there most days talking on Skype and just being goofy. I loved having those friendships. I lost contact with some of them, but others I still talk to even when I gave up that blog back in 2009. With that blog though, I started to get publishers as well as published authors contacting me to see if I would read and review their books.

The fact that a published author was taking the time to email me and talk to me directly made me feel so special. I felt like those authors should be considered celebrities and had no idea why they were talking to me. I ended up losing contact with them after giving up my blog as well.

In April of 2013 I made a new blog. I had circumstances back in 2009 that made me have to quit the blogging, but I never forgot about it. Now that my life was doing well, I decided to remake my blog. I had to start from scratch since my last one was deleted. I tried to contact some publishers when I started blogging again but since I was so new I was kind of blown off. I understood that, I really did.

What did surprise me was when I was reading books by authors I had in contact with previously, they remembered me, even with a completely new blog. One in particular was Jordanna Fraiberg. She is such a sweet and wonderful lady. She replies to anything I send her and genuinely loves to hear the comments I have for her on her book. I love that we have a relationship like that.

Then there are unpublished authors, indie authors. I am going to say something that is going to make me sound mean here. I never knew how hard it was to get published, so I always thought if an author was indie, that meant their book was pretty bad. I was always scared to accept anything indie, and most of the time said no to their requests. I am mad at myself for this.

When starting my blog this time around though, I decided to try to accept more review requests, no matter if they were self-published or not. It is one of the best things I have done on my blog. I have met some of the most wonderful authors as well as read some of the best stories out there. Some of them talk to me here or there, but there is one in particular that has broken through my wall, as well as I broke through hers.

Nikki Godwin, as well as her sister, Emily Godwin. They both write books and I am telling you, you are making a huge mistake if you haven't read anything by them. Nikki writes more contemporary style stories, but they aren't the usual ones. They usually pack a pretty strong meaning throughout all of her books. Chasing Down Forever is one book that will take your breath away and make you wanna re-evaluate everything you think in your life. It took me a little bit before I got the meaning of it, but when I did, it smacks you in the face (not in a bad way though). She is now working on a LGBT book that I am so excited for. I love to see an author that isn't afraid to promote things that some people frown upon. Then there is Emily. I have only read one book by her, but it is called Mutilate My Heart. It is about a girl who ends up falling for a band member, but there are things that go on within the story that is paranormal. I know I am not giving a very good description of it, but I can't say much else without completely ruining the story. She writes just as well as her sister. They must have a good-writer gene running in their family.

As they are indie authors, they really take to heart anything that is said about their book, good or bad, even though I really don't think that anything bad could be said about any of their works so far. I love though that they are so down to earth, they didn't let no getting published slow them down. That is what made me love my blog even more, with authors like this that need our help, I now only accept review requests from indie authors. The published authors don't need our help, its the indie ones that do.

They write some wonderful stories, just have trouble finding a publisher to give their book a chance. I think the indie authors also don't have the success gone to their head and they keep putting out works important to them, not works they think everyone will love.

The Godwin sisters have become dear friends of mine and I am here for them no matter what. I never thought I would get that relationship with authors, but it turns out I was wrong. I know I could go to Nikki for anything that life throws out and she would be there for me without hesitation. There are very few people I would take a bullet for, but both of the sisters, I would do so with honor.

I also love that with author relationships, you are able to meet other bloggers that have similar tastes with me. I met two of my best friends because of authors. One author, J.K. Rowling, led me to my friendship with Amanda from I Solemnly Swear. We got talking because of our Harry Potter addiction, now we talk almost every day and try to collaborate posts on our blogs. Then there is Kristalyn from The Sarcastic Palmtree, which she runs with her son. I met her through Nikki sucking me into the One Direction world. After talking Kristalyn here or there through retweets and commenting on stuff Nikki would tweet, we finally started talking to each other directly. She is such a wonderful person and so is her family.

If there are some people I want to meet most in this world, I would say it isn't a celebrity anymore, though One Direction and Katy Perry are close on the list. I would love to meet Amanda, Kristalyn and her family, Nikki, and her sister Emily. I know one day it will happen!

Has anyone else out there gotten an Author relationship like mine? Have you gained some of your best friends due to love for a book you both read?? Tell me down below!!


  1. I talk to authors a lot on Twitter, does that count? I don't know if we're considered friends, but I definitely badger them about their book as well as other things that make them feel loved. I consider myself more of a friend, but it's usually a really big deal when I get the little notif of "____ has followed you."

  2. Ahhhhh I LOVE YOU! I have so much to say, but I'm going to e-mail you instead bc it'd probably be as long as your blog post! <3


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