Jan 11, 2014

Bout of Books 9.0 Day 6

Bout of Books

Friday 1/10 (Day 5)
Number of pages read: 48
Number of books I've read today: 0
Total number of books read so far: 1

Okay, I have to say here I started reading last night, but I had to go do some laundry. I brought my book with me to the Laundromat (sadly our place doesn't have hookups for a washer or dryer). As I was loading the stuff into the dryer, I lifted my head up to hit it so hard I collapse unconscious to the floor. I ended up waking up about 20 minutes later and being taken home by my boyfriend. So, needless to say, I only got read what I was able to before the dryer fiasco.

I am off today and tomorrow though. I am writing this post, doing a couple blog related items, then going to sit in my bed and read as much as I can today. I hope to get over 300 pages read so I can make up as much as I can on the pages I am behind on.

That being said, I am enjoy Divergent so far. It is a little slow right now, but I know it is just the beginning and getting everything ready to make the book wonderful!

Overall Goals
(will be crossed through if completed)

Read an average of 150 pages a day (1050 page total)

Read 2 books

Write reviews for all books read during readathon

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