Dec 5, 2013

Discussion: Can you read multiple books at a time??

We've all had a long list of books that we want to read at one time, but can everyone here reading this read them at one time or are you only able to read one?

I am one that needs to read only one at a time. I tend to jumble the stories or miss important things in the books because I am thinking of things that came from another book to give it all my full attention.

Don't get me wrong, I WISH I could read more at one time, but I just don't have that gift. :( I have read an audiobook as I drove to work while reading a hardcopy of a book when I was home, but even then I spent a lot of the time toning out the book (not on purpose). I also one time had to read a book for a blog tour and just didn't get the book before it read in time, but lucky for me, it was a re-read that I was reading. So I ended up stopping that book, reading the one I needed to read, then went back to the other one. I don't think I could have done it if it wasn't a re-read. I would have had to come back to it a while later so I wouldn't be bothered between the two books.

I see so many out there that are reading like 5 or 6 books at a time and I am jealous. I wish so much that I would be able to do that. It would make it so much easier to complete my TBR lists for the month. If I had a book that was going kind of slow, I would be able to move to another book on my list and then pick it up a little later that day when I could get my mind back into the story. That way I wouldn't really get into reading slumps as I have been recently.

If you are able to read multiple books, have you always been able to do it? Any tips to us that can't??
Maybe I am just going about it all wrong and need some help :)

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I read more than one book at a time all the time. I get excited about new recommendations and will often stop in the middle of something else to read it. I try to stick to 3 or less books at once.

  2. This is something I'll only do if the first book isn't holding my attention - so I'll take a break from it, read a bit of something else and then try and go back. I never need to read more than one book if it's a good enough book!

  3. I used to only read one book at a time, but now I have a book or two I'm reading on my laptop, one on my ereader, one that travels with me for standing in lines/waiting on children, one that I read when I'm in my son's room in the middle of the night (still doing night feedings with him!), and one on my bedside table. The amusing part is that i never really set out to have multiple books on the go, I just had a need for something to read and grabbed whatever was handiest, which never happened to be what I'd already started reading....

  4. I do but not often. I read whatever I have handy. I've never read books that were similar at the same time, so it's not really confusing for me. The only thing that sucks is when I try to remember a specific quote from a particular book. It makes it harder but for the most part, it's not that big of a problem.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books

  5. I do it, but it's usually a matter of convenience. I have a book at work, a book in purse, and a book on my bedside table, and I'll read depending on which is nearest. I don't think that there's really a point to it, though. I don't get any more reading done, because at the end of the week I've still read three books, whether it's one in two days or all three in seven days.

  6. I've never liked reading multiple books at a time, I like to concentrate on one, but since I started blogging I've actually done it a few times. Generally speaking I'll just take one at a time, although if a book is boring me but I still want to finish I may just go on to something else. As often as not I don't ever really go back to the other one... :)

  7. I do it now since Goodreads addiction over a year ago. But I do it in a way that makes sense to me. One non-fiction which I read slowly, one ebook from netgalley (im slow with those) and a fiction regular book (those change fast and the ones I read the most. I also read an anthology at a time as I read those slower too.


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