Dec 8, 2013

Catching Fire Movie Review!!

I have spent the last couple weeks working on reading the book Catching Fire so that I could be up to date on the book since it has been years since I have read the book. I am glad that I did this. Due to my new job, my reading has decreased a little but I still powered through the book the best I could. I finally got to go see it Saturday. I was so glad I watched it.

My boyfriend who went to see The Hunger Games movie with me, wasn't very impressed with the first movie. After I left the theater for Catching Fire even he said he enjoyed it very much and might even read the series so he can find out what happens for himself. I have NEVER seen the guy read a fiction book, so to hear him volunteer to read it because of a movie is a huge compliment.

I watched the City of Bones movie back when it came out and I was so disappointed. It was nothing like the book and to me they partially ruined the series for me. I hate how much they changed it. I was afraid this movie would be the same. I know so much happens in the book that I was afraid that they wouldn't capture everything the way they needed to. I had no reason to worry, they caught everything wonderfully and even surprised me with how good they did certain scenes.

Of course there was small differences here or there from the book, but overall I think they were very close to the story. I left the theater with a smile on my face and tempted to go buy another ticket and go re-watch it. I have a feeling I will end up doing that sometime this week anyway.

They did such a wonderful job with their acting, making everything seem so real and convincing. Everything from Katniss and her sprees of panic, to Peeta and his unwavering love for Katniss. I loved all the characters and even loved some of the tributes that in the book I wasn't too fond of. I was also worried about who they would have play Finnick. In the book he seems so cocky but still having some boyish good looks. He is portrayed as that in the movie too. I loved the actor that played him, he was perfect for the role. Even I could see why he was loved so much by the capital. His smirk could melt your heart.

There were some scenes in the movie that were changed, or should I say added to the story, but unlike some movies that this makes the movie worse, it made the movie as well as the story better. I was in a small reading slump before this movie, but now I want to dive into Mockingjay and devour the pages.

I hope all of you who saw the movie loved it as much as I did. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I hope you go out there and get a chance to watch it while it is in theaters. It is definitely worth the money and one of my most favorite book to movie adaptations that I have ever seen.

If you have yet to see the movie and would like to see the trailer, watch the video below!

What did you all think of the movie?? 


  1. Just seen it for the second time today and LOVED it again :)

  2. I totally agree with everything you say! I even saw it twice I loved it so much (and I rarely rewatch movies that aren't Disney childhood favourites haha). The acting is phenomenal! Like mind blowingly good from the entire cast. Especially Jennifer Lawrence. Dear god that girl can act! And I think the cuts they made...dare I say...even...improved the story? A teensy-tiny bit?

  3. I definetly want to see it. I'm usually pretty hard on book to movie adaptations but in this case I haven't read the book so I'm pretty open. And I've heard almost all good things about it, that's a good sign. I liked the first OK but didn't love it, this one looks better!

  4. Have you gotten to the part of 'Mockingjay' yet that explains why Finnick is the way he is? It made me so mad. I wanted to burn the Capital down personally.

    By the way, Jena Malone is so, so good as Johanna, too. I'm surprised in the movie they're pronouncing it "Joanna," though. In my mind, I kept saying it as "Johanna" with an emphasis on the H, like in Bob Dylan's song "Visions of Johanna."


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