Oct 14, 2013

Why I love Fall/Autumn

Growing up I was more of a Summer girl. I loved it because I knew I could play outside all day and not have to worry about school or being picked on. As I have been getting older that has changed quite a bit.
I have since changed my favorite season to Fall/Autumn.
I wanted to list a few things that make me love Autumn/Fall :)
1. Hot Cocoa/Apple Cider
I love something warm to drink throughout the getting chilly months. So come Fall, I am already getting down the mugs and stocking up on some of my favorite brands.
2. Blankets/Cuddling
I love being able to light a candle, grab a blanket and curl up either with my pup or my man. Either way I have one or the other or sometimes both curled up with me while I read a good book. I read all year round of course, but there is just something so soothing to do it in the fall. This above picture looks like something I would love to curl up with my blanket in!!
3. Cute Outfits
This definitely looks along the lines of something I would wear. I am pretty tall for a girl, being 5'8", if I don't slouch I am 5'9" but I have a horrible slouching problems (something I'm working on). So I like that the boots don't have heels. My boyfriend is the same exact height I am, so he is a little insecure if I wear anything that makes me taller than him. I love the cozy feeling of Fall clothing and being able to bundle up!
4. Halloween/Thanksgiving

I don't really think much has to be said here, but I will elaborate a bit.
I'm not the biggest Halloween person with dressing up, I usually sit with my family and pass out candy to all the little kiddos that go by. I love it. But since getting with my boyfriend, I am now one that goes out even being 25 years old and goes trick or treating. I enjoy it too. Halloween is my boyfriend's favorite holiday.
I love Thanksgiving. I don't get to see all of my family very often so I love that we all meet up together and eat and enjoy each other's company. My family means the world to me so anything that makes me able to see them all will definitely make me love that day. Plus I also have an obsession with cranberry sauce for the holidays.

5. Gorgeous Scenery
Sadly here in Florida we don't have much of a season change when it comes to the trees. We have a few trees here or there that change colors slightly but there just isn't enough of them around for it to really be noticed as Autumn. But I have lived in New Mexico for a couple years where they did weirdly enough have season changes that showed the full color changings of the leaves. it was breathtaking. I found myself taking daily walks just so I could be out in the scenery some more.
I hope when me and the mister settle down and find us a place, it will be somewhere who has a view somewhat like the picture I have provided :)
What do you all love about Autumn/Fall??


  1. I LOVE THE FALL! For every single reason you mentioned. Move up by me, trust me, there are plenty of scenes like that to be found in PA.

    1. I definitely want to! We keep looking for a place for us to move to with gorgeous scenery!!

  2. I love Fall too :) Living in Calgary, we normally only get two really good seasons (summer and winter) and barely have a spring and fall that lasts longer than a couple of weeks. This year has been especially bad. It basically snowed all the way up to April/May and then showered on and off all summer. We didn't get a spring and barely got a decent summer. But thankfully fall seems to be here to stay for a few more weeks -- and I love it! Like you, I'm in love with all the colours, and the chilly weather allowing me to don sweaters and scarves and to drink hot beverages. I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween and with my parents being in Las Vegas for the weekend, Thanksgiving feast isn't happening this year either. Ah well, now that school is dying down a bit, I plan on finally taking advantage of the views and going for walks this week and next!

  3. I used to be a summer girl too, and I'm also changing to autumn. Halloween, candles, hot drinks, pumpkin, reading and writing in bed... The list is endless

  4. I love autumn too. I have been drinking apple cider for a while but I haven't had any hot chocolate yet. I'm going to have some soon though! It's supposed to get cold later this week. I'm also waiting for the leaves to change. Every year we go out driving to look at them.

  5. I love autumn as well, for all the reasons you listed and also because I love some activities like apple/pumpkin picking. I also love many autumn foods because they include cinnamon: cider donuts and pumpkin pie, etc.

  6. I love fall! The scent of woodsmoke, the geese flying overhead on their way south, walking the dog through fallen leaves and hot chocolate when I get back.

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  8. I love the fall too! I hear you on slouching too much; I'm 5'10 and find myself slouching all the time. I need to work on that. I need to go light my 'mom's apple pie' candle now after reading this post. :)


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