Oct 5, 2013

TROPICAL STORM KAREN! (May Be MIA for a couple days!)


Hey everyone. I just wanted to update you all. I have this storm heading straight towards me. It isn't a strong storm compared to a lot I have been through. I have been born and raised in Florida so hurricanes are something I am definitely used to.

But, with that said, I live on an Island. The only way to it is by bridge and with all the rain the Gulf Coast has had in general, we have had severe flooding already. With this storm we are expected to get a lot of rain and some decent wind. So I will be trapped at my house. I hope power stays on, but I don't know if it will. They usually shut it down over 20 mph winds when storms are coming through so I am sure I won't have power for a couple days. If that is the case, you guys won't be seeing me tonight all the way till Tuesday of this week. The storm is moving super slow so I don't think it will be past us till Monday night/Tuesday morning.

I will definitely be okay, so don't worry about this. I just wanted to update you all in case you all wonder where I am this week. I am going to try to preschedule most of my memes for the week just so you guys can still have those. I will let you know when I am back from the storm :)

Thank you all for being here for me and by blog! I love all of you!


  1. I'm glad you'll be ok but yikes that's still scary. I've always wanted to live near water, but moments like these make me think maybe it's best that I don't. Take care :)

  2. Stay safe! Yesterday we has rain most of the day in south~central LA from the outer bands.I wasn't sure it was going turn before the eye made landfall bc they kept saying it would but it kept going NW but by noon today we were all sunny.It was totally weird,on way to church this morning the clouds were dark gray and dark blue..it looked ugly then came out of church and it was sunny with no clouds in sight.

    1. yeah! It weakened a lot thank goodness. We nasty clouds most of the day yesterday and right around 4 pm it started down pouring. Horrible horrible rain coming down, but it stopped by 9 pm to a drizzle most of the night. Today it is sunny out but pretty windy. but it is chilly here now! guess it's the cold front that broke it up for both of us! Glad to hear you are okay too :)


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