Oct 20, 2013


Sooo.... I went to college for a degree in Early Childhood Education. I graduated with that degree in 2009. I then moved from Florida to New Mexico. I ended up getting a job there at the daycare on the Air Force Base. The sad thing is though, I got paid more than anyone there, so they were all mad at me and treated me horribly. I ended up quitting and was scared to ever go back to work in a daycare thinking the same thing would keep happening to me.

I finally came back home to Florida after two horribly long years. All the daycares here in my area paid minimum wage even with my degree. So I ended up getting a job then at a local tackle shop teaching tourists how to fish. I got paid almost 3 dollars more doing that, then doing something with my degree.

I also went back to college at this time just going for an Associate's of Arts. So with my scholarships they paid me to go to school pretty much, so I was able to take the part time hours over the winter season. Now that I have graduated in May, I no longer get that school money. I had no choice but to start looking for a new job.

I wrote the first resume I have ever written in my life and started handing them out to all the daycares that were small and private I could find. I decided I could take a small pay cut in order to a full time position in the degree I got in the first place. I love little kids and I have let small things scare me from working with them as a full time teacher. My boyfriend convinced me to stop making excuses and to go do what I was born to do.

I waited a few weeks and didn't hear anything from any of those, and getting desperate since my hours are almost done at the store, I didn't know what else to do. So I started applying to more of the chain daycares around my area. I ended up applying to some of them online since that is the only way they accepted applications. I applied to them on a Friday afternoon. Monday afternoon, while working on my blog posts none the less, I got a phone call from one.

I applied to so many different ones that I felt kind of bad that I had to go search the phone numbers location before I called them back so I at least knew who called me. I found out the daycare that called me is a 5 minute drive from my house. My tackle store job takes me 30 minutes one way to drive to. So this excited me. I was still a little nervous since it was a chain daycare though. But, after I called her back, I had a good feeling about the place. The woman sounded so sweet and caring I was excited for the interview. They asked me to come in on Wednesday since I was off that day to come in and speak to them about the position. I was so happy though to see it was off the main road and pretty much a little hole in the wall place. It was small and had a good vibe coming from it.

As I got there early because I wanted to make sure I could find it, I sat in my car reading, trying to calm my nerves down. I was ready to throw up in their parking lot. I know, I'm a wimp. I walked inside and got to finally talk to them. They told me everything they were looking for. So I'm gonna write my list of what I wanted, and I will write their list of what they wanted.

My List: Friendly work environment, lead teacher position in a 3 year old classroom, full time, benefits, pay as good as I was making at the tackle store. steady hours, year round position, work uniforms (I like work t-shirts at daycares so I don't get my own personal clothes dirty).

Their List: Someone friendly, wanting a lead teacher position in a 3 year old classroom, full time, offer them benefits, willing to offer decent pay, sick days, paid vacation, paid sick days, year round position, and willing to wear their daycare work shirts.

If you guys haven't been able to notice, the lists are pretty much the same. I am getting offered the same amount of pay that I was already getting paid at the tackle store, which is amazing, I have never been offered that much pay from a daycare in Florida. I get my own classroom, get to set it up just how I want, get to work the same hours every day, and I get holidays off finally to be with my family. I also had a crazy work schedule at the tackle store, so every week I always had a different schedule and a different amount of hours. Here I get the weekends off and never have to wonder what I am working that week.

I am so excited. It is like a dream come true. Everyone I have talked to so far in the center I will be working at is sooooo nice and sweet. My boss even calls me honey and treats me like a normal person instead of an employee.

I had to get my fingerprints scanned on Thursday so they take a few days to finally go through saying I'm cleared. So the second they call them to say the prints are done, I get to start, which is most likely going to be Tuesday. I am so very excited to move up in the world with a good job and something that I love to do. I will finally have more money to do the things I want and buy things I want to buy.

My boyfriend and I have had money issues recently so I have had paychecks that I wasn't even able to buy groceries with, which really sucks to think you might go hungry if my boyfriend didn't use all his money to buy food on those weeks. So now I won't have to worry about that.

I have had a huge smile on my face. It will also make it so much easier to schedule my posts here for you guys. I used to have them all over them place because of my crazy hours, but now I know I can work on them on the weekends some and post them throughout the week, on the days that I have had trouble even getting to my computer, I can now still make posts those days because I will be off work by 4 everyday.

I know this is super long, but I had to share it with you guys!! Thanks for sticking with me through it!!


Comments are loved and appreciated :) Thanks in advance!!