Oct 18, 2013

Join Me at the Pumpkin Patch!

Every year my boyfriend and I have started to go to a local church's pumpkin patch. We spend some time going through all the pumpkins to find the perfect ones.

Us just arriving to get our pumpkin on. Say Hi Teejay!!

The church also during the weekends has bunnies out for kids to pet and a hayride around the near by neighborhood. I love how they have activities for the little ones to be able to come and enjoy the patch too! Sadly I went during the week though so I have no pictures of that for you :(

I always get so excited when I see the pallets being put up because I know the pumpkins will be there soon!
It was such a gorgeous day. It had a nice temperature outside, beautiful sunlight, and of course, the view of all the wonderful pumpkins!

We spend a while going through all of them to find the perfect one for us to be able to carve. This year, Teejay decided he wants to carve the Cheshire Cat, so we searched around for the right pumpkin for his face!

They are getting more sometime this week, so I might go back and see what other big ones they get and maybe I will get one for me to carve myself!

Baby Punkins!!!! I love them so much!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby pumpkins, lol! This is my face with my arms full not able to carry any more! My boyfriend asked if I wanted to walk them back to the car and then look for the big one, but I told him no, they needed to be nurtured!!

The final amount of all my baby punkins!!

This girl is now pooped!

 Thanks for joining me on my Pumpkin Adventure!! Do any of you have your own pumpkin patches that you visit every year?


  1. Lmao did Teejay take the picture of you passed out on the hay? Hahaha I love it!

    1. yeah he did, lol! I was like hey, take a pic of me on this hay. So I sat down on it and I was like hey, this is super comfy, so I laid down like that and he snapped the pic, I decided it was too funny to not put it up for you guys to see!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun - there's just something awesome about pumpkins.

    1. yeah there is! I drive by it every day for work and I still want to go back and get more of them!!


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