Oct 10, 2013

30 Facts About Me!

Hey everyone! I decided to be a bit more personal with my postings. So not only will I have book posts, but I will be starting to do discussions and posts about my life. I figured it would draw more people in about me and also get us having fun on here as well :)

I figured I would try to do posts called "A Life in Paradise" When I just ramble about my life for that post. The Discussions I will keep with whatever the topic is for that post. So keep an eye out for those :)

To start off my personal posts, I decided I would do 30 facts about me. Was going to do 25, but ended up having a few more that needed to be on the list. That way you can get to know me a little bit right off the bat and decide if I am the type of person you would like to continue following.

Here goes nothing :)

1. I live in Florida.

2. I'm left handed.

3. I'm taller than all females in my family by at least 6 inches. (I'm 5'8).

5. My boyfriend is the same height as me.

6. I have a Disney obsession.

7. I have a Harry Potter obsession.

8. I have a thing for Fae books.

9. My favorite animal is the shark.

10. I'm a tomboy. I love to fish, shoot guys, watch dude humored movies.

11. I am very competitive. I don't let anyone beat me, if they do, I do all I can to face them and make sure it doesn't happen again.

12. My boyfriend was my childhood best friend. Took us years to finally decide to date, but now we know it was meant to be.

13. I lost my daddy to his plane being shot down in the Desert War. I was 2 when it happened, but I still think about him everyday.

14. I'm German, Greek, and Scotch/Irish. I'm more Greek than anything but I somehow took the Scotch/Irish side unlike the rest of my family who is dark, I'm very pale.

15. I love to watch cooking shows, Big Bang Theory (go Sheldon), Adventure Time, Dirty Jobs, anything Nature related, and I am very sad that The Office is over.

16. I'm about to start learning how to speak French and hope to be fluent in the language within a year. (fingers crossed).

17. I love goats. I hope to own a farm one day and have a few of them.

18. I am very sarcastic and perverted, so the more you get to know me, the more it comes out.

19. My favorite color is green.

20. I used to play World of Warcraft addiction style. My life revolved around it. I gave it up for my boyfriend, and even though I miss the game and my character very much, it was the right decision.

21. I am gonna marry Katy Perry one day. She just don't know it yet! lol.

22. I am starting to be a hardcore Directioner (One Direction Fangirl!) I have a crush on Harry Styles and one day I might give up Katy Perry for him. Maybe....    (You can thank Author Nikki Godwin for this obsession).

23. I am about to be a 3 year old preschool teacher and I'm so excited.

24. I have a strong southern accent when I am talking most of the time (I'm nervous in my vlogs I do so you don't hear it as much).

25. Blogging is my happy place. I love talking to you all on Blogger or Twitter. I have formed many wonderful friendships from it and I am so glad to have you all in my life.

26. I have 6 tattoos and here in the next few months will most likely have 8.

27. I battle chemical depression and have a severe anxiety disorder. I am very anti-social in real life unless I let you break past my barriers. Some days when it hits me hard I curl up in bed and lock myself away from everyone, even my boyfriend. (I know I'm horrible.)

28. I love to be outside. When I am having a hard day I go for a walk or bicycle right. Or I go walk to the beach or a nature trail.

29. I've never left the United States but hope to change that here in the next couple of years. As stated above I want to learn French, that is because my first destination is going to be Paris.

30. I have a Chihuahua by the name of Moose. He is to me my child and I won't let anyone tell me differently. He is my world and I don't know what I would do without him.

Welp....There is all 30 of em! I hope it helps you all to get to know me a little more! I can't wait for all my more personal posts to be put up here! I already have a page of ideas of things I want to do and talk about! So be ready for it all!

And now... enjoy the wonderful smile of Harry Styles!


  1. I'm happy that you did this, I love knowing a bit more of the person behind the screen... I did one of these 30 posts awhile back too! Excited for your posts to come!!

    Also, I think Moose for a chihuahua's name is amazing!!

  2. WOW - you know a lot about yourself!

  3. Glad you decided to do more posts about your life! Your quotes were awesome!
    Laura @ Music Plus Books

    1. I'm glad to do more personal posts. I was so stressed to get book related posts up for all of you guys but found out some personal in there will definitely help it be more fun!

  4. I love goats too! There is a goat farm near me that I pass every day. I'm always happy when the goats are out and I can look at them as I drive by. I am also hoping to raise goats someday.

    1. YAY! Most people think I'm crazy that i love goats. My Nana had some when I was little but had to get rid of them. I have a local zoo that has some babies every year and they try to keep them contained but they are so small they go right under the fence. So i go sit and play with them for hours like a creeper.

  5. I finally came to check your blog out - I've seen you comment on Amanda's blog a lot and I was like...man I really need to look up this girl's blog. Aaaaand it's taken me a while (because I'm a slacker) but now I'm kind of glad I waited because I saw this:

    6. I have a Disney obsession.
    7. I have a Harry Potter obsession.
    8. I have a thing for Fae books.

    And also you have a chihuahua named Moose. So. Basically I am now fangirling over your blog hahaha

    1. Welcome to the Paradise Family! I know how slacking goes, trust me! I'm glad you got here eventually! I'm always blowing up Amanda's blog too :) I will have to come check ya out!

  6. What a great idea - I really enjoyed learning more about you. I also have a HP obsession and a Chihuahua (named Buffy - can you guess my other obsession?). And blogging is also my happy place :-) I wish I lived close enough to the beach to walk to it - I would go all the time! I love the beach and the water makes me so peaceful. Great place to go when you need to get away.

  7. This was such a fun (and awesome) post! I'm going to e-mail you later, so I won't write you a novel here... LOL. I love the Harry photo!! Too freaking cute! #DirectionersForLife

    1. yay! I will now be stalking my email for the rest of the night! lol! #Directionersforlife


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