Sep 3, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday -- Top Ten Books That You Wish Were Taught In Schools

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There are so many demons out there in middle and high school that are tearing apart the youth. It is such a hard thing to watch unfold, not only just for a society, but it is even harder if it is you or someone you know. I think teens need to read about them and see what they do to everyone around them. Suicide, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders, Teen Pregnancy, being Gay, Drugs, Cutting, the list goes on and on. I think all of these books have a story that needs to be heard so we can change the problems that have been rising more and more.

Top Ten Books That You Wish Were Taught In Schools

The Perks of Being a WallflowerOpenly Straight
1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky -- This book has so much in it, from anxiety disorders, depression, drugs, love. You get to follow Charlie and learn how it is for a lot of teens. The popular kids always seem better off, but there are always those that struggle. I want a book out there that shows that pain to all and maybe it will help everyone get along better.

2. Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg -- I know there are other LGBT books out there, but this is one of the most recent ones I've read as well as one that gave off a good meaning. It shows Rafe who goes to another school to not be back in the closet necessarily but he isn't telling them he is gay either. He wants to be known as Rafe, not the gay kid. I can see the pain in his struggle throughout the book. I want others to see the struggle the LGBTs have and help to welcome them more as people just like we are and not some other species some people act like.

The Fault in Our StarsThirteen Reasons Why

3. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green -- This story deals with cancers and the pain and struggles on not only the one with the cancer especially when young, but also what it does to everyone around that person too. It is one of the hardest books I have read but I know there is so much in the book that needs to be shared to all.

4. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher -- Suicide is always a tough subject. This book really shows how much usually goes into a mind before the decision is made and done. I like how he set it up to show all the reasons that can completely destroy someone. I think all teens need to read this book to understand that their actions always have an affect on others, no matter how small things add up.

If I Stay (If I Stay, #1)Wintergirls
5. If I Stay by Gayle Forman -- This book shows the struggle of whether someone that is out of their body really wants to go back into that life or not. I know if it happened to me when I was younger, maybe even now too, I don't know if I would want to go back down if I lost all that she did. Its definitely a book that helps you see that there is always something left to live for.

6. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson -- This book deals with the stress of needing to be skinny. Eating disorders and the struggles of those that battle with their weight to look like the girls everyone wants them to look like. It shows what it can do to someone not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. This book is very powerful and needs to be read by all.

Holding On and Letting Go (The Ties That Bind Us, #1)Willow
7. Holding On and Letting Go by Kelly Coleman -- Losing a sibling can be horrifying. Also losing your parents can also make it even worse. Emerson in this book struggles with the pain and depression of losing her brother which was her world. So much of the world around her reminded her of him. She does what she can to keep people away from her and from getting attached to anyone again. You get to watch her grow and learn from the past and see that things can in fact get better, if you only try.

8. Willow by Julia Hoban -- This book deals with self destruction of the cutting kind. This is nothing to joke with. Cutting has become a popular way of escape for many teens and it breaks my heart. I never did it to myself but I have seen many friends growing up that did it. It would make me cry to see the struggle and see that their lives are making it to the point that physical pain is better than emotional. There are so many demons going on anymore that I think all teens need to read about all of them, cutting included.

Someone Like YouJumping Off Swings
9. Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen -- This deals with not only teen pregnancy, but also death. Scarlett in this book is the one that is always tough and there for her friend. But when she finds out she is not only pregnant but that the father has been killed in an accident she falls apart. She turns to her friend Halley to get through it all. This book shows that even when things seem pretty low you will always have someone to help you through it. Whether that is family or friends, it doesn't matter, what does is that you know that there is always help.

10. Jumping off Swings by Jo Knowles -- This book also deals with pregnancy. Ellie feels so alone and unwanted that any guy that comes along and wants attention even if it is sexual she gives in just so she can feel something. One night when she finds out she is pregnant, her world is shattered. Everyone else around her is also affected by it and they all have to find out how they want to handle the situation. Being teens and trying to deal with it on their own, they struggle but in the end they find a way to handle it. Its a wonderful story full of such pain, but also the power of being able to overcome the struggles.

Well, that's my list for the week! Hope you all enjoy!
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  1. Stellar list! I picked a few of the same books. It looks like we both felt that more teenage issues books should be taught. I think these are definitely good topics to expose our youth too.

  2. Nice ones! Haven't read these, except for the Sarah Dessen one many many years ago! But still nice picks!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  3. I really need to read Openly Straight. I have been reading a lot of fantastic LGBT stuff recently. The best part is that these books are circulating like crazy! I love it. Here are my picks

  4. The Fault in Our Stars and Wintergirls both made my list as well. They're very powerful. Great list!

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