Sep 30, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday -- Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme brought to you at The Broke and the Bookish!! Each week we will be releasing a top ten book related list for you all to enjoy!

This is a fun one this week. I mean they are all fun. But this one is more just thinking and typing, not having to search for pictures or anything else. I had a blast getting to dig through my head and figure out what books I turn down reading because of something that is in the book.

Please also keep in mind that this is my personal opinion of my own reading preferences, I mean nothing by it if you all like something that I happen to list. I wish I liked some of the things on my list, my brain just doesn't allow it.

Top Ten Book Turn-Offs


1. Historical Fiction -- I know, I know. But I just don't really care for it. I don't get into it when I try to read them and I end up trying to force myself to finish it when I could be reading something else I really like.
2. Classics -- Again, don't shoot me. I just haven't really gotten into any of the classics I have read. I like some of them, but very few. Most of the time I just skip past them if I hear about them because I am sure it is something I won't want to read.
3. Zombies -- I don't mind zombie movies, but for some reason I just don't enjoy reading about them. If I hear a book has zombies in it, I will definitely set it back down.
4. Cheating -- I hate books with cheating in them. I hate cheating in real life, and I definitely don't want to read about it either.
5. Non-Happy Endings in Romance -- I HATE books that are considered romance and I spend the whole time reading the book to get a sad or horrible ending. It ruins the whole book for me even if I highly enjoyed it till the end. I will go from a 4 or 5 star review to a 1 star just by an ending. There are some authors I avoid now just because most of their endings are this way.
6. Preppy Drama Filled Books -- There are some books that just seem so girly and preppy that I don't want to read them. I mean more like ones that are just drama drama drama. Girl fights, back stabbing, gossip books. Definitely not my thing.
7. Animal Death -- There are books out there, that I know I would love, because it is the story of a very loved animal. But, they almost always end because the pet has passed away, example Marley and Me. I LOVED that book, but the ending killed me in a way that I don't think I have every fully recovered. I can't watch the movie or read the book again because it just destroyed me. So to save my emotions and heart, I don't read anything that seems like it will have this in it.
8. Abuse -- I hate books that have abuse in them. Sometimes I will give a book a chance because of it seeming good, but the abuse part will always take down the rating for me. It doesn't matter whether it is spousal abuse, animal, child, just any sort of abuse I hate. I am that way with real life issues too. I hate it and think it is uncalled for.
9. Sci-Fi with no Romance -- Sci-fi isn't horrible to me, but I like it to have at least a little romance. doesn't even have to be a ton, just something to pull me through the book along with the rest of it. If it is nothing but spaceships and aliens I just can't handle it.
10. Extreme Hype -- There are some books out there that SOOOO many people say how amazing it is that it scares me. I usually end up waiting months or years before I pick up that book just in fear I will hate something that everyone else loves. I will admit that I end up liking 99% of the books that are like this, but it is just scary for me so it takes me a while to get the nerve up to give the book a shot. 


Well, that's my list for the week! Hope you all enjoy!
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  1. Don't agree with the historical fiction one but definitely agree with the zombie one. It's been overkilled - literally!


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