Aug 7, 2013

Summer Reading Vlog Tag

I've seen this video going around quite a bit and I have really wanted to do it. I decided early today, what the heck I'm gonna do it!

Hope you all enjoy it!!

1: It's morning and a hint of sunshine is in the sky. What book has had a great start for you?
2: You go outside with a good book in hand. What book do you choose?
3: You decide to fetch an ice-cream to cool down. Name a chilled out/cool read.
4: The sun gets trapped behind a cloud. How annoying. What book has annoyed you recently?
5: It's later in the day and the sun has moved. Time to re-locate. What book has moved you?
6: The day is almost over and it's been fantastic 'til the end. What book has amazed you to the finish?
Hope you guys enjoy it! If any of you do this video, be sure to leave me the link to it in the comments for me!


  1. Anna and the French Kiss! Lol I read certain parts again too. Glad I'm not the only one :)

  2. Amber I haven't seen this but what fantastic questions :D A lot of food for thought LOL


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