Aug 7, 2013

Review: Always Wanted

Always Wanted (Xander Barns, #1)Always Wanted
Author: Sarah Tork
Release Date: June 5th, 2013
Publisher: Sarah Tork
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Pages: 104
Format: e-book, received from author for honest review

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If someone were to have told me a year ago, that by the end of this year I was going to break up with Ben my boyfriend of five years and leave my family home to move to a different city to start a new life, I’d have told them they were crazy. There was no way something like that could happen. Ever!

It did happen.

Twenty two year old university drop out Marisa Gelly’s relaxed lifestyle takes a turn for the worse when she arrives early at Kyle Matthews’s annual Halloween Bash to find her boyfriend making out with another girl. Heartbroken she sets off to a brand new city to get away from her family who thinks she’s made the biggest mistake of her life, breaking up with Ben.

For the first time in her life, Marisa’s doing everything on her own and she loves it. A brand new city, a brand (sort of) new job, and a hunky, dreamy late night customer who shows her the kinds of things he likes to do.

This year will be nothing like last year.

My Review:

This story is about Marisa. She lives in a home where nothing she does is right. Her parents are mad that she didn't finish college (or university as the book calls it). They yell at her constantly, well her mom does. As she gets dressed up as a sexy librarian after a huge fight with her boyfriend Ben, She goes to a party to surprise him....Marisa is the one who ends up with the surprise. She runs off and gets her own place in a town away from her family. Then one day she goes back to see them, but someone unexpected shows up while she's on her way out there.

I enjoyed this story. I will not lie and say I loved it though. I think it has some potential but the book ended before I could fully get into it. Xander to me is a stuck up asshole (sorry). He throws money around and doesn't care what feelings he hurts along the way.

I did start to get into the story at the end so I was sad when it ended. I was hoping to get a little more out of it. It does say book one though so I will just have to keep an eye for when the next one comes out.

This is the second book that I've read by this author and though I like her first book, Young Annabelle, more, I do see the promise that this series can give us. Her writing flows pretty well and she lets you know what is going on. She also helps you get into the head of the characters so you understand things a little more about the characters. You get to watch the characters grow and change, even with the shortness of it.

I am looking forward to when she put out another book so I can continue with the story. I hope that my opinion on Xander changes and he captures my interest just like he captured Marisa's.


  1. The book looks promising from the summary alone. I hope that there will be a book 2 for you! :)


  2. I feel like I get too into books when I read them. I get caught up in the romance and the rush of it all. Sometimes I have to read the book again so that I can be partial. However, I also am extremely empathetic, so I empathize with a lot of characters. It's hard for me to truly dislike someone. I don't know how I'll feel about Xander, but I definitely want to read this book. :)


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