Aug 28, 2013

Pick-A-Book Thursday #13

Pick-A-Book Thursday is a weekly meme brought you by me :) It is here for all of us to get our to be read piles down a little and help us get to the books we really want to read but just never got around to them. We can sit here weekly and talk about books we pulled from our jars or those that don't have jars, those who picked one off their shelf! Click here for the Original post for more details!


If you didn't get to pick from one of the jars/lists, How are you coming with your pick from last time? Are you enjoying it so far?

* I am sorry for putting this book off so long. I am one once I start a series, I finish it, I don't like to stop in the middle of it and read another book and go back to it. I'm on the last book now though and decided to read the first couple chapters of this book even though I'm not finished with my other book. We will see if I do okay switching from books, if I do, I might do it more often. I like Bloom so far just weird to go from The Mortal Instruments to this, I will have a full review of it for you guys next week and a new jar pick!


Here is what I picked a couple weeks ago
from my TBR Book Jar!

By Elizabeth Scott

Goodreads | Amazon

There's a difference between falling and letting go.

Lauren has a good life: decent grades, great friends, and a boyfriend every girl lusts after. So why is she so unhappy? 
It takes the arrival of Evan Kirkland for Lauren to figure out the answer: She's been holding back. She's been denying herself a bunch of things (like sex) because staying with her loyal and gorgeous boyfriend, Dave, is the "right" thing to do. After all, who would give up the perfect boyfriend? 
But as Dave starts talking more and more about their life together, planning a future Lauren simply can't see herself in -- and as Lauren's craving for Evan, and moreover, who she is with Evan becomes all the more fierce -- Lauren realizes she needs to make a choice...before one is made for her.


What books did you pull from your TBR Book Jar or TBR List? What books are on your list??

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