Aug 25, 2013

Bout of Books Day 7

Bout of Books
Saturday 8/24 (Day 6)
Number of pages read:
City of Glass -- 133 Pages
City of Fallen Angels -- 47 Pages
Page Total -- 180 Pages
Overall Weekly Count so Far: 1216/ 1400 pages
Number of books I've read today: 1
Total number of books read so far: 3

 I finished City of Glass, woohoo! Even being sick I was able to finish it and start a little into City of Fallen Angels before I had to go to bed for work in the morning. I'm actually a bad employee and typing this up at work! Oh well! I'm doing really well on the read-a-thon and on the last book that I've wanted to read for it.

I work 9 hours today and Sundays are usually pretty slow so I hope to get a big chunk of the book read before I even leave today and then get the rest of it finished when I get home. I have about 375 pages to read to get the book finished so fingers crossed! I'm sure gonna try!

Overall Goals
(will be crossed through if completed)

Read an average of 200 pages a day (1400 page total)

Read a book that's been on your shelf forever

Listen to an audiobook

Read a Classic

Read a book over 500 pages

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  1. Great job! Good luck with the rest of the day and hope you are feeling better!


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