Jul 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday -- Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme brought to you at The Broke and the Bookish!! Each week we will be releasing a top ten book related list for you all to enjoy!
This week, we get to do the top ten best/worst movie adaptations. For most of you this one is probably easy, but for me, I had some trouble even trying to think of books that I read and watched. I have seen a few movies that I never knew were books when I was little so as I love the movies I can't really compare them since I haven't read them. Then there are other book to movies out there that I refuse to watch till I have read them, so there are a lot of those out there for me too. So here is my pitiful list of for me.
These are in no particular order, I just listed them as I thought of them!
1. The Hunger Games - I absolutely loved the books. I had to re-read the first little bit of the first book to understand what I was reading, but once I did I flew through it. This book has a lot of futuristic things in it, so for me, I think they did a pretty good job of doing this without to much CG going on.
2. The Notebook - I read this book in 2004 when we had a horrible hurricane hit where I am from. We had no power no nothing so I resorted to the few books I bought but never touched because I wasn't into reading as much back then. Then I read this book and devoured it. I thought it was amazing even with me being younger. Then I watched the movie and I think they did an amazing job. It is definitely one of my favorite movies, I still sit and watch it from time to time and cry.
3. Twilight - okay okay, don't shoot me for this being on here. I enjoyed the movies. Now, I know there is ALOT of differences from the book to the movies, but these books are what got me back into reading and I watched the movie after I read the books and I enjoyed it. I was kinda like what the heck in some spots and why wasn't this in there, but I still overall enjoyed it. I know a lot of you don't agree, but this is for my own opinion :)
4. Harry Potter - There is nothing out there that can beat these books for me, even the movies. I LOVE the movies, I think they did a wonderful job and I loved getting to see the characters really grow up in real life too. I still follow their real lives to this day. For me the movies were amazing as well as the books, I don't know what I can really say about this without having a warmth go throughout my body.
5. Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist - I can't say much about this, as I read the book a while ago as a light read and the watched the movie as well. I remember I enjoyed both of them, but I really cannot comment on whether I saw much of a difference, so for this I am sorry.
6. The Time Traveler's Wife - I think they did a good job on the movie, I'm a Rachel McAdams fan as well. I do know that there is a lot of sexual aspects of the book that don't show up in the movie at all, but for the most part I really enjoyed the book as well as the movie. I will warn you if you read the book, don't give up on it. At first you are going to be so lost and confused but hang in there :)
7. Marley and Me - I don't think there is a book out there that has made me laugh so much and cry so much in the same book. I devoured this book, and in turn I was there on opening day of the movie. I had to see it and of course, I cried my eyes out in the theater, but being the movie it was, I was no alone thank goodness. I think both the movie and the book are wonderful! The book does has a lot more emotion pumped into it than the movie though!
8. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - This is another book series I read YEARS ago. I know they smooshed (I just found out I don't know how to spell that word) the books into two movies instead of 4 but they did a decent job from what I can remember, I do know there are a number of differences between the two but you still love the characters in both.
9. The Last Song - I read this book after Dear John, which that book made me so mad, I had to try another Nicholas Sparks book to try to get that book out of my head. So I decided to try this book since I knew it was also becoming a movie. I'm glad I did. It is one of his more YA styled books than more adult books, but I really enjoyed it and it renewed my love that Dear John killed. The movie is also very good and I didn't find much wrong with it!
10. The Perks of Being a Wallflower - *don't kill me* I didn't know what this movie was I saw the trailer at a movie and my boyfriend went crazy telling me about the book and so excited for it. I had to stalk out the movie because for a while it was playing in cities no where close to us and we were upset. He bought me the book, because he said I could no longer talk to him unless I read it and knew the amazing in the pages. Let me tell you, my boyfriend doesn't read ANYTHING unless it is a school text book on psychology and quantum physics or biographical books. He doesn't like fiction so to see the excitement of this movie I was in shock, and I was even more in shock of the fear I saw in his face when I said I never read it or even heard of it. so to see him have read it I knew I had to. I'm glad I did. The book and the movie are amazing. it was weird for me in one way though, to see Emma Watson aka Hermione in a film COMPLETELY different from her other role I knew her as. I had to keep trying to wipe my slate of how I knew her to really get into the movie, but that is my only complaint, which isn't a good one.
I'm sneaking an extra one in here in the way of movie I loved but never read the book, and that is...
PS I Love You - I had no idea this was a book when I watched it. but I LOVE this movie. I watch it at least once a month and I still after years and years of watching this, I still cry every time. I have the book, but I can't stay away from the movie long enough to clear my mind enough to get a chance to read the book. but I am now going to try!! might be on my TBR list for next month!
After making this post I have come to see that I have a few books that I really need to re-read and re-watch the movies. It will be hard since my TBR list is already ridiculously high, but I guess I need to find a way to work re-reads into my reading more. How do you guys incorporate re-reads into your reading list?? I could use your help!


  1. I really enjoyed The Time Travelers Wife too! I thought that even though there were differences, the movie still did a great job!

    Great choices!

    -Sonnie (Here's my TT)

  2. Aw! I completely forgot about Marley and Me. I love that book and the movie too. The Notebook is lovely too.

  3. I loved The Time Traveler's Wife but I haven't seen the movie - I recently bought the DVD though because I saw it for $5 and thought, Why not? Could be good. Though the book's ending made me cry so much I haven't had the nerve to watch the movie yet!

    Loved Nick and Norah - I completely forgot about that one, but the book was great and the movie was awesome, they did a great job adapting that one!

    My TTT

  4. The Hunger Games was fantastic and I can't wait for Catching Fire. I'm hoping I enjoy the rest of the movies as much as I did the first.
    My Top Ten


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